Dr. Kedar Upadhyay

Renowned for his traditional diagnostic techniques and authentic Ayurvedic treatment modalities, Dr. Kedar Upadhyay is one of the eminent Ayurveda physicians. He has studied Ayurveda from the world famous Gujarat Ayurved University at India and has done his PG Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy. Dr. Kedar is also a Music therapy research scholar. He serves his patients worldwide through his four Ayurveda clinics in Gujarat, India. Well known for his mastery over treating chronic disorders through Ayurveda. Dr. Kedar is also an eminent author who has been writing Ayurveda and health related articles in newspapers and blogs for last 6 years. Millions of people are following Dr. Kedar’s articles and benefiting.

The Right Way To Drink Water According To Ayurveda

Leonardo Da Vinci has rightly said, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Water is the source of energy. Up to 60% of...

Food Sadhana: What, How, And When To Eat In Ayurveda

Ask anybody in the world who works to earn money. He or she does so for three basic needs: food, clothing, and shelter. And...

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