Christy Hall

Christy Hall is a Whole Health and Wellness Transformational Coach, a Certified NLP and Certified FasterEFT Practitioner who helps clients solve emotional issues around food, stress, addiction, weight loss, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. She approaches wellness and weight loss from a place of understanding, having struggled with weight issues for a majority of her life. Now that she’s operating from a place of health herself, she offers coaching, consulting, and therapy in order to help clients in their journeys toward wellness.

Self-Care: Put Yourself On Your To-Do List

How important is it to take time out for oneself? Why are you not at your best lately? Read to find out why self-care is important and how to do it.

What’s Your Stress And Anxiety Bank Balance?

Let's look at some ways to keep stress at bay. Because, self-care is of the utmost importance if we are to give the best of ourselves to those around us.

4 Tips To Follow When Building A New Habit Into Your Life

Add one new habit at a time. Be pragmatic and start with small changes in your daily routine -- small wins make it easier to bag bigger ones. Link new habits to old ones so that the old one naturally triggers you to perform the new one (e.g. associating workouts with the sound of an alarm). Regularly perform the new habit for at least 2 months. If you skip a day, restart the count. Stay motivated.

12 Ways To Identify If You Have Food Issues

Diet restrictions, deprivation can make you obsess about food. Eating off others' plates or keeping expired food to avoid food wastage are signs of food issues. If you buy for two but eat it alone, eat stuff that is bad for you, sneak, hide food regularly, or avoid people for fear of judgment or judge people for their food choices, then you should consider seeking expert help to get over these problems.

6 Tips To Shun Body-Shame And Build A Positive Body Image

Is your body-shame turning you into a social recluse? If you draw up a list of people you admire, you'll see you love them for more than their looks. Remember the times you felt great about yourself and relive them. Exercise regularly, walk confidently, head held high, and make eye contact. Surround yourself with positive people and love yourself for who you are.

10 Ways To Relax That Don’t Involve Food

Take the load off. Hot water and Epsom salts relax your muscles, so take a hot shower. Drink non-caffeine, non-alcohol hot drinks. Play dead with the relaxing corpse pose. Meditate or read a fun book. Pamper yourself with a manicure, pedicure, or hot oil treatment while watching TV. Coloring is not only for kids. Get creative - knit, draw. Treat sore muscles with a massage.

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol, On Your Own

Start rationing and then, cut back over time. Determine what your habit or ritual is and then break it - engage in another activity, find a replacement non-alcoholic beverage. To reduce anxiety and stress, cut down on your caffeine intake, up your intake of vegetables and Vit B, and take some anti-stress supplements. Be prepared, stop making excuses and motivate yourself to stay on track.

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