Brendan Gaughran

I was a Pre-Med student and I hold a Master's degree. After graduating I spent time in the pharmaceutical industry before switching to the natural products industry. Since then, I have been an executive for a leading supplements manufacturer and have started two companies, both with the mission of helping to improve quality of life. Nutrition is my passion and knowledge is my gift to you.

New Study: Vitamin D And Toxin Connection

Recent study says vitamin D levels decline due to higher toxin levels in the body. Women are more prone to this. People are always exposed to high levels of toxins in their life. It could come from pesticides, industrial waste, personal care products, and literally everywhere. To avoid toxins, eat free-range, organic meats to reduce exposure from added hormones.

How Healthy Is Your Pre/Post Workout Supplement?

Health drinks are often impregnated with toxic artificial sweeteners (aspartame, crystalline fructose, sucralose), artificial colors, heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium), and GMOs (glyphosphate). These toxins collect in fat cells causing weight gain, migrate to the liver and give rise to a dysfunctional fatty liver, diminish healthy gut flora, and may even cause multiple organ failure.

Which Magnesium Supplements Should You Take And Why?

50% of magnesium is needed in your bones, and the rest for over 300 biochemical reactions. It is critical for the nervous system to control skeletal and cardiac muscle operations. Opt for magnesium citrate instead of carbonate. Magnesium chloride, glycinate and sulfate are the safest options. Avoid magnesium lactate, orotate, oxide (it causes diarrhea), and stearate.

Cracking The GMO, Fatty Liver, Leaky Gut Connection

Glyphosate - the key ingredient of GMOs, damages beneficial bacteria in your body. This results in overgrowth of harmful bacteria which leads to candida and chronic inflammation producing a leaky gut. It is also linked to increased gluten sensitivity, IBS and also damages cytochrome, preventing liver detoxification by halting the work of liver enzymes.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – The Silent Killer

Symptoms of NAFLD range from: diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, chronic fatigue, inflammation, food allergies and metabolic syndrome. Some solutions are extracts of milk thistle, vitamin E, NAC, Phosphatidylcholine, Glutathione, healthy diet and healthy probiotic with an inclusion of Monolaurin to remove harmful biofilm.

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