Abey Scaglione

Abey Scaglione has been teaching Pilates for over eight years and is the owner of Hummingbird Pilates, a full-service Pilates studio in Beverly Hills, California. She opened Hummingbird Pilates in 2013, in order to bring the classical method of Pilates to Beverly Hills. For Abey, Pilates is not only a challenging workout that leads to significant improvements in the body, it is the cornerstone of a much larger approach to health and wellness.

Gut Health: What Affects It And How To Improve It

Excess gluten consumption can negatively impact gut health. Moderate your gluten intake based on how you react to it to keep your gut healthy. If you need to consume grains, soak or ferment them to break down the detrimental phytic acid. Excess sugar also affects gut health negatively, destroying gut bacteria. Don’t use artificial sweeteners. Use raw/local honey or maple syrup instead to reduce sugar intake.

Eating Real Food And Ending Fad Diets

Every January just about every major magazine runs a cover story about the best diets to try in the New Year. This was the...

Understanding Different Types of Pilates

The word Pilates is not a regulated term and therefore is open to the interpretation of those teaching it. I believe that certain criteria...

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