Pranic Healing Through Chakra Colors

Pranic Healing Through Chakra Colors.

Chakras belong to the subtle world of our energy body or aura. For sure, they are not something physical, we can’t see them. They are aspects of our energy system. We may not be able to see them, but we can teach ourselves to feel them.

But, one thing is for sure, chakras help us live healthy and strong! Strong chakras mean a healthier us, and weak chakras means- a weaker, disease -prone us!


Another fact is that, treating with color, or more specifically chakra colors and color prana can heal our body. Yes, chakra colors and prana really heal, and there is increasing evidence for the same!

If you want to understand the relationship between our chakras and their relationship with colors and healing of the physical, mental and emotional problems and diseases, read on. We are going to explore this dynamic in detail here, because of its importance in keeping us strong and healthy throughout our lives.


How can Chakra Colors be used for Healing?

Virtually all of us would’ve heard of “Chromotherapy” or color therapy. It is a very important holistic therapy. Almost all of us also know that colors influence our health, emotions and that they also possess a phenomenal ability to negatively or positively affect our moods.

Hence, colors can be used to calm frayed nerves, minimize food cravings, uplift our mood, activate our energies, improve sleep and also help us lose or gain weight.


But how many of us have heard of chakra colors for healing? What if I tell you that colors are more than just visual and that each color has a vibration in the form of energy, which has an impact on the different systems and energy centers, or chakras in the body.

Welcome to the world of chakra colors and healing! Let’s dig deeper into this subject now, shall we?


Seven major chakras:

Chakras are surrounded by a great sense of mystery. Whenever the word “Chakra” pops up in a conversation, there is the illusion of wheels of energies that can lead to a spiritual gestalt or alchemy.

But chakra healing can and does, go beyond just the spiritual and /or psychic and heal our physical bodies as well! This happens because the chakras control several organs in the body; hence, healing with chakra colors works directly on our body’s organs.


That’s what the masters do in advanced Pranic healing, which uses colors to balance and heal chakras. This type of healing in fact, has the capacity to heal any disease known to man.

The 7 Chakras
The 7 Chakras

Chakra Colors and Its Meaning:

1. The seven chakra colors

Chakras or the ‘whirling wheels’ are the energy centers in our bodies. Each chakra is directly connected to, and controls a major organ in the body.
Like the Heart chakra controls the physical heart and the Solar plexus chakra controls the pancreas and the liver. They also control the physical, mental and emotional health of a person.
There are a number of chakras in the human body, but only seven constitute the main energy centers and are called, major chakras.
All seven chakras have their own personality-they have a specific color as well as a fixed shape, shown in the form of ‘petals’. Chakra colors are colors we see in the rainbow, i.e., VIBGYOR or: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.


Each of these seven chakras vibrates with the specific frequency related to their color, like: 

  • The Basic or Root chakra at the base of our spine vibrates with the frequency of Red.
  • The Sacral chakra vibrates with the frequency of Orange.
  • The Solar plexus chakra vibrates with the frequency of Yellow.
  • The Heart chakra vibrates with the frequency of Green.
  • The Throat chakra vibrates with the frequency of Blue.
  • The Third eye chakra vibrates with the frequency of Indigo.
  • The Crown chakra at the top of the head, vibrates with the frequency of Violet.

2. How are Chakra colors used for treating and balancing chakras?

What is done in Basic Pranic healing is that the pranic healer cures and balances chakras by giving the patient’s body and chakras white light, or prana. This white prana is received by chakras of the receiver, and is broken down and benefits various organs of the receiver.


3. The different color pranas used in Pranic healing

Each of the colors or the color prana has a specific frequency associated it. Hence, each of the color has a specific purpose, for example, red color prana is used for dilation. So, when a pranic healer treats someone with asthma, he gives red prana to the lungs which helps them dilate faster.
This principle of colors is used in color therapy or chromotherapy also.

Green prana has a disinfecting effect, so if someone has aches and pains, or has blockages in the digestive system, or difficulty swallowing, a healer uses green prana because it has the ability to break down such blockages.
Blue prana has a cooling, calming as well as anti-inflammatory effect. So, if someone has severe pain and let’s say, his arm or shoulder has arthritic pain, blue prana can be projected to help bring down the arthritic inflammation and decrease pain.
Another color that is usually used in this healing modality is violet. Violet prana is used for regeneration.

4. What happens while using chakra colors during advanced Pranic healing?

While Pranic healing, a healer projects red and orange light from his own Basic chakra. He projects green and blue prana from his Throat chakra, and violet prana from his Crown chakra, as a knife to cut through blockages as well as, cure energy congestion and depletion of chakras in the patient’s aura or energy field. Congestion or too much energy in a chakra, or depletion of energy in a chakra, show up as diseases in the physical body.

This is usually followed by energizing the affected chakra with a colored prana. Apart from using red, yellow, orange, green and blue pranas, advanced pranic healers also use healing properties of Gold, Electric Violet and higher colors for chakra color healing.

5. Do’s and Dont’s while using chakra colors

Advanced Pranic healing using chakra colors does not use red or orange prana on the higher chakras, which means on the Heart chakra and the chakras above it. Violet prana is usually used by healers to treat higher chakras safely. Green and blue prana can also be used on higher chakras.

Lower chakras like Basic, Sacral and Sex chakras can be healed using red, orange and yellow prana. Blue and green prana are also effective in healing these chakras but, the fine energy of violet prana may be too subtle for treating these lower chakras.

When we are healthy, our chakras are healthy and strong, as well as balanced! But, unhealthy chakras are almost akin to a blocked artery which does not allow a smooth flow of blood. There is either too less energy or too much energy in an unhealthy chakra. This is what results in imbalance and thus, disease.

Diseases that can be treated using Chakra Healing with Color?

Root or Basic chakra: Healing this chakra with red, orange, green, blue, golden and electric violet prana can treat digestive problems, especially the ones related to the large intestine. Healing the Basic chakra can get rid of all kinds of joint pains, especially pain in the lower back as well as immune-related disorders and lack of energy.

Sacral chakra: Healing this chakra with red, orange, green, blue, golden and electric violet prana can treat loss of appetite, blood cancer, and dysfunction of reproductive organs, spleen and urinary system.

Solar plexus chakra: Healing this chakra with red, green, blue, golden and electric violet prana can treat stomach and liver problems leading to digestive disorders, diabetes and pancreatitis etc.

Heart chakra or the Anahata: Healing this chakra with green, blue, violet, golden and electric violet prana can treat disorders of the heart or lungs, asthma, allergies, immune deficiency problems and tension between shoulder blades.

Throat chakra: Healing this chakra with green, blue, violet, golden and electric violet prana can treat problems related to organs of the throat like thyroid and ear. Healing this chakra can also get rid of mouth ulcers, headaches, laryngitis and pain in the neck and shoulders.

Third eye chakra or the Ajna: Healing this chakra with green, blue, violet, golden and electric violet prana can treat headaches, ear and eye problems, brain tumor, stroke, neurological disturbances, learning disabilities and spinal disorders.

Crown Chakra or Sahasrara: Healing this chakra with green, blue, violet, golden and electric violet prana can treat depression and anhedonia. Healing of this chakra can help in treating migraines and brain tumors as well.

Chakra Balancing can also be done using other alternate therapies like aromatherapy, yoga, Reiki meditation, Sound therapy and physical exercises, apart from color therapy and pranic healing using chakra colors.

A word of caution here– These therapies are extremely powerful, especially advanced Pranic healing using chakra colors, and should be practiced by senior pranic healers only.

So, find a good healer and use chakra colors to treat the diseases that you have and also the ones that may be on the way! Or, you can learn advanced Pranic healing and become your own healer. Remember, what Shakespeare said,”Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie which we ascribe to heaven”.