7 Daily Usual Habits That Sabotage Your Peace Of Mind

Do you find brushing your teeth every morning very exciting? Waking up every morning to get ready for the day, holding a toothbrush with a little toothpaste which promises to clean your teeth and keep your breath smelling fresh the whole day, keep brushing your teeth until you’re tired, gargle, rinse, and dry. Just like this, there are other extremely normal things which tire you out without you realizing it:

1. Grabbing A Donut To While Going To Work



Most people don’t give much thought what they are eating for breakfast when they are in a rush. Many choose a donut and coffee on-the go, some eat a bowl full of fruity loops. If you’re breakfast is only carbohydrates, it will tire you by the end of the day. You will become hungry very quickly and stand at a risk of mental crash. Choose something with more protein and healthy fats. Opt for smoothies with fruits, eggs and sandwiches filled with healthy vegetables and fruits.

2. Keeping A To-Do List In Your Head For The Rest Of  The Day



You will not be able to get any of your works done efficiently if you keep thinking of the tons of other works that you need to get done on particular times. Make a note of the things you need to get done throughout the day, no matter how mediocre is the job. At least you won’t strain your mind to keep remembering a list of particular things day by day.

3. Snapchatting And Texting Throughout The Day



Your social media helps you to stay connected to your friends who are far from you, or are sitting on a floor above your office. But a phone or a computer is no substitute to communication and human interaction. It’s crucial to develop relationships offline too. Try and engage in some activities which needs you to stay off the phone or laptop for a few hours in a week.

4. Straight To The Couch From The Car



Heard of “runner’s high”. It’s not a myth; exercise releases endorphins in your body to improve your mood and energize you. Exercise is one of the best preventive measure and cure for almost all your diseases and conditions. Make it a habit to go for walk or a small run once you wake up in the morning.

5. Going To Bed At Different Times Every Night



Irregular sleep schedule harms your body. You need to maintain a time when you have to retire for the day, so your body can prepare itself. Sleeping at different times each night also adds to your stress. Try and sleep early and wake up early in the morning. Exercise for a while if you’re not late for a morning meeting or appointment.

6. Ignoring The Core Reason For Your Stress



Being too busy that you don’t have time for yourself is too bad. You should meditate in the mornings to destress and live a mindful life. We can’t control the string of factors which can stress us out, but we can work on how to keep your mind calm. When you’re stressed out, take a minute out and try and find out why you’re stressed out, and work on the cause.

7. Quitting Habits Which Got You To Good Places



A lot of times, when people start with a good habit which shows them good results, keeps them physically and mentally healthy, they suddenly stop it. They forget the little things that they do which them to a good place. This is one of the main reasons of relapse. Fix a morning ritual or an exercise ritual which helps you negate bad habits from your schedule and life. Don’t ditch the habit when you have gotten the results that you always wanted.