4 Factors To Set You Up For Optimal Health.

4 Factors To Set You Up For Optimal Health.


As human beings, our bodies are all incredibly unique and therefore there are different things that we each must do in order to improve the quality of our own health. However, here are four key factors that I believe can set anyone up for success in improving their health.



Most people out there focus on only two things when it comes to good health: exercise and diet. And there are even those that just focus on one or the other. The truth is that health is a synergistic relationship between many areas of our lives such as relationships, career, spirituality, nutrition and exercise.

Our main goal is to maintain balance within all of these areas. When one area is lacking, it’s kind of like a domino effect, which throws off the other areas. We often don’t even realize it’s happening. If you’re stressed out from a job you hate, no matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, most likely you won’t be feeling as happy or as healthy as you would like. If you’re

in a bad relationship, whether it’s with a boyfriend or a friend, that added stress is going to affect other areas of your life as well, preventing you from being your authentic, joyful self. It’s so important to start addressing each area of your life and see where you can start creating more balance.



The reason that we often have such strong cravings for food that isn’t so good for us is because we’ve starved our bodies of the nutrients it actually needs and replaced them with addicting substances that makes us want more of the bad stuff. Think about how much more you tend to eat if you have a burger and fries and how much more controlled your appetite is with a healthy salad. Trans fats, MSG, and sugar are just a few of the substances that we put into our bodies that have damaging effects on our health and even a drug-like effect on our minds that make us feel “addicted” to foods containing them. This is especially true for sugar.

But there

is some good news here. If you slowly start to introduce healthier foods into your diet, even without changing your current diet too much to begin with, you’ll see that in time you will begin craving those healthier options. This is not an addiction but rather that your body will finally be getting the fuel and nutrients it needs to perform daily functions and will begin sending you signals to give it more of the good stuff! You won’t always be thinking “if it tastes good, then it must be bad for you.” Good nutritious food will begin to taste just as delicious!



This is probably the most important concept to learn when going on a journey to improve your health. You have to be realistic about time and your expectations. I personally find this comforting because when you set time restrictions that are too tight and you fall off, you’re more likely to get down on yourself. The truth is you very will could have ups and downs in your journey, but as long as

you get back up you will see changes.

Now, you can go on a crash diet and lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks, but what’s going to happen after those 2 weeks? You’re more likely to put all that weight and then some back on. This is why diets don’t work. And oftentimes the methods by which they operate are harming your health at the cost of you losing a few pounds.

Optimal health is a journey. That is how I work with my clients in my 3-month Body & Soul Reset program. It’s about looking at our whole life, as mentioned in the beginning of this article, and making gradual changes that stick. These changes will become habits and before you know it you will be leading a healthy lifestyle and not going on crash diets all the time and repeatedly getting frustrated with chronic illnesses that have you running to the doctor every month.

And did I mention you will feel AMAZING!



The power of the mind is incredible. We can achieve so much just by

thinking a certain way. I truly do believe that the more positive vibes you put out there, the more positivity you will attract. I have experienced this personally in my own life and have seen how this concept has worked for so many other people as well. Believe you can and you will! No matter who tries to get you down, or what discouraging thoughts may come into your mind, fight them off with loads of self love and positivity. Your mind and body will thank you for it. Positivity has a tremendous impact on our health and achieving whatever goals we’ve set for ourselves.

I find a great way to stay in this frame of mind is to find a quote or mantra that speaks to you. I love quotes and I post them everywhere…at my work desk, on my iPhone wallpaper, and even around my apartment. There are so many situations and people that can get us down and it’s our job to stay strong and keep going. The way we react to situations is totally in our control

so having a some encouraging words around you to remind you that you are strong, amazing and capable is a great way to keep you from falling off track. Whether it’s quotes or meditating or something else, find what works for you.



  • Take control of your health first and foremost for you. Once you take care of you, you will be able to truly take care of others.
  • Welcome the journey. You will learn so much about yourself that you never even knew was even there.
  • It’s ok to be scared at times, because when you overcome your fears you will have become so much stronger and it will be so much more worth it…I promise!