The 12 Best Foods To Eat In The Morning

They say that we need to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. And in all honesty, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what’s more important is what you have for it.

Breakfast is essentially filling your body with the fuel it’s going to need for the rest of the day, so imagine putting in some greasy and salty bacon, maple-syrup soaked pancakes or waffles, which are definitely delicious, but that excess, salt, sugar, and fat is more of a meal for a blocked artery than anything else.


Unless you’re looking to have the energy of a sloth for the rest of your day, here are 12 energizing ingredients that need to be in your breakfast to make it power-packed and one fit for a champion. They will make your body feel light, keep you refreshed, and not compromise on those delicious flavors. 1 2

1. Go Fruity



Tapping into the abundant source of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, potassium, essential minerals and water content, from fruits such as oranges, bananas, apples, kiwis, and more will give you the immunity boost, a refreshed feeling, a focused and sharp mind, that you need every morning and all day, everyday. Having them as juices or a salad work best!

2. Berrylicious



Packed with tons of antioxidants, berries such as raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, and blueberries, are also low in calories, help cleanse your blood, reduce your blood cholesterol levels, and also contain anthocyanins, which improve the heart’s functions, unclog your skin’s pores, and slow down your body’s aging cells, so you look young and fresh. Just a handful of them in your oatmeal adds that tangy yet healthy flavor!

3. Feel Egg-tastic



Eggs are always the go-to breakfast ingredient because they are delicious, the jack-of-all-trades in the food world, and rich in calcium and protein. These potent properties help control blood-sugar levels and reduces one’s risk of getting heart disease. Egg yolk also contains antioxidants which go by the names of lutein and zeaxanthin, which can better eyesight, keep common eye problems such as cataracts away, and the choline content helps better your liver, heart, and brain health too. Scrambled, boiled, or sunny side up, you pick how you crack them!

4. Grab Some Greek Yogurt



Being the creamy, delicious, filling, calcium-rich, and probiotic-packed option, yogurt helps promote the growth of good bacteria in your stomach and guts, keeps your pH levels balanced, hence maintaining the health of your guts. The conjugated linoleic acid in yogurt also helps increase your metabolism, reduces your risk of breast cancer, and helps cool down the body overall, which includes keeping your skin’s texture soft and pores unclogged. Adding some fruits and honey to it could be the breakfast choice you love forever!

5. Got Some Cottage Cheese?



Cottage cheese has a wealth of protein, probiotics, and calcium, which helps promote stronger bones, quick repairs of your body’s damaged cells, increases your metabolism and even brings down the number of random cravings and ‘hunger pangs’ you have (which is triggered by the hormone ghrelin in your body.) Coupled with some toast, ham, and eggs make it a lovely brekkie.

6. Feeling Nutty?



Heaped with potent and enriching essential oils in each crunch and bite, nuts are the best way to get your essential and plant-sourced fatty acids and vitamin E, which helps reduce the damage your cells get from free radicals (unstable molecules which affect immunity and metabolism), cleanses your blood and controls your blood sugar levels, decreases inflammation, while its potent magnesium and potassium content do wonders for promoting heart health, giving you strong hair follicles, and the promise of clear skin. Eat them as is or mixed with some oatmeal to give it that nutty twist!

7. You Ought To Eat Some Oatmeal


For those that love their cereals, your best bet is probably skipping those corn flakes and going straight for some special fiber-rich oatmeal, which do wonders in keeping your digestive tracts healthy. Oats are known as a beta-glucan, which helps manage your body’s cholesterol levels, helps fills you up faster and for longer hours (hence promoting weight loss), reduces your blood pressure, and is also perfectly safe for those who are gluten-sensitive or intolerant. Add some honey and Chia seeds to it for a wholesome first meal of the day.

8.  Let’s Cha Cha For Chia


Chia seeds are known to be a viscous fiber, which helps your gut naturally find a balance in the amount of food your stomach has to work with, therefore promoting a healthy digestive system. It also helps lowers your blood sugars & blood pressure and even protects your body’s cells from the hammering of any free radicals and quickly repairs any damage at a cellular level. Mixed with some jam on toast or blended with some yogurt and berries turn into a scrumptious smoothie.

9. Fill Your Racks With Flax


Flaxseeds help reduce abnormal cell-growth in the body including ones that cause breast cancer. With its rich fiber-content, it also helps balance your body’s insulin levels so it can better manage the blood sugars in your body. It is also known to be one of the richest sources of protein, hence making it a friendly option even for vegetarians. Make sure you grind your flaxseeds to a powder as their hard shells make it hard to digest and also make your body fail to access their nutritional banks.

10.  Glow With Green Tea


Green tea is said to be one of the warmest and healthiest drinks out there, originating from ancient nutritional traditions of Japan and China. Beyond cleansing your organs, giving hydration an extra punch of good health, and fighting bad bacteria, it also facilitates better concentration, helps one control their mood-swings, can fight diabetes, while the hormone in it called, EGCG can help protect your nervous system and heart and keep them in functioning condition. It also the youth and skin-glowing secret for those 90-year-olds in Japan! Have a cup of green tea after any breakfast you have or drink it on an empty stomach followed by your brekkie.

11. Shake Some Protein In Your Body


Protein shakes come in many forms, including those available as brands or recipes you can try making for yourself at home. The popular options for protein shakes include whey, soy, and egg, which all help build muscles, reduce those hard to satisfy hunger pangs and cravings, control blood sugar levels, and even help balance your body’s metabolism at a healthy level. A protein shake alone is generally enough for a quick power breakfast, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a slice of toast or two with it.

12. Care For A Cup Of Coffee?


The caffeine content in your classic morning cuppa’ java (a.k.a coffee), is said to improve your brain’s performance, by increasing alertness and concentration, bettering your mood and keeping those mood swings in check, burning excess fat, being a natural diuretic and laxative, it also helps promote better bladder and colon health. It also contains powerful properties in protecting your cellular-lining and reducing your chances of liver disease. You can even blend some flaxseeds, peanut butter, half a teaspoon of coffee, and milk to enjoy your own caffeine-driven protein shake.

So forget about boring breakfasts and get creative! You could make some seed-rich oatmeal, a very-berry omelet or a nutty protein shake. A unique (and healthy) breakfast will be what you look forward to the most each and every morning.