12 Amazing Health Wonders Of The Neem Tree

12 Amazing Health Wonders Of The Neem Tree.

Although Neem (Hindi for “Miracle tree”, Margosa or Indian Lilac), aptly called the “drug cabinet of Mother Nature”, is celebrated for the countless benefits that it bestows, but it’s curative worth is what makes it an essential part of any natural treatment. Neem is widely used in many Ayurvedic medicinal preparations and revered not only for its deep action but also the complete lack of side-effects. There will rarely be a household in India that does not have a bottle of virgin neem oil in their medicine chest.

12 Amazing Health Wonders Of The Neem Tree

Almost all parts of the neem plant (i.e. its leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit, roots, dried branches and bark) have established medicinal features.

  • Neem sticks (twigs) are used in most of rural India as a toothbrush. It’s a morning ritual to chew on the twig (no need for toothpaste) and then mildly brush the gums and teeth with the same twig. Works better than most “advanced” toothpastes and mouth washes and prevents oral infections, bleeding and soothes tender gums.
  • Neem is an integral part (along with cloves) in natural toothpastes that naturally bleach teeth, fortify gums, and prevent tooth and gum decay.
  • Neem is a natural pesticide, germicide, etc.… all rolled in one. It is known to dissuade around five hundred types of destructive insects such as mites, bugs, ticks and roundworms; threadworms etc. It does this by altering the behavior patterns and physiology of those insects. Due to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral features, neem assists in safe-guarding from numerous microbes that attack the human body.
  • Neem oil extract reduces wrinkles by assisting the creation of collagen, critical for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and avoiding/delaying sign of aging. Neem oil is supportive in curing diverse ailments of skin like acne, rashes etc.
  • Neem assists in instantly healing wounds by activating the collagen fibers to seal the damaged tissues. The oil extorted from its leaves can assist in curing sores, abrasions, scratches and infections.
  • Topically applying neem paste assists in curing eczema and psoriasis.
  • Neem oil extract relieves joint pains, and helps in the building of tough and resilient bones.
  • Neem tea soothes stressed nerves, calms the mind and provides instant invigoration and relief. A dip in warm bath infused with drops of neem oil can expel muscle stress and soreness after a hectic workday.
  • A paste made of Neem leaves applied on the scalp prevents hair loss, premature graying, dandruff and invasion of lice.
  • Neem tea is known to improve blood circulation and boost the creation of healthy blood cells.
  • Neem tea is highly recommended for diabetics as it has curative properties that reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Neem seeds blended in warm water, taken on an empty stomach for a week, is a time-tested treatment to stop bleeding from hemorrhoids.

The Bottom Line

From the crown of your head to the underside of your feet, various yields (created from neem) assist in keeping your hair, skin, teeth and overall your body in best health naturally and organically.