10 Ways To Make Clothes, Shoes, And Bags Last Longer

It is so unfortunate to notice an ink blot on your newly purchased bag or those wrinkles on your T-shirt you just cannot get rid of using the usual electric iron. These are just a few examples of the unfortunate things that cause damage to your belongings. Most often, you just don’t know what to do and end up pushing them to the corner of the wardrobe where they are forgotten forever.

But, you can reverse some of these damages. Here is a list of ways you can help your clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories last longer without damaging them.


Ways You Can Help Your Clothes, Shoes, And Bags Last Longer

If you are facing problems with your wardrobe like wrinkles in places you cannot use an iron or ink blots on your favorite bags, here are a few ways you can reverse these damages and make your belongings last for a longer duration.

1. Use Vinegar To Remove Ink Blots On Bags

Use Vinegar To Remove Ink Blots On Bags


Just when you thought you could show off your new bag at work, you notice an ink blot. The next thing you know, you haven’t seen it or used it for the longest time. Well, here’s good news if you are clumsy with ink. You can get rid of those ink blots from your bag using vinegar.

All you need is just enough vinegar to soak a cotton swab. Dip the cotton swab in vinegar and rub it onto the area on the bag that has ink on it. Voila! Your problem is solved in a few minutes. If you observe some dye on the cotton swab, it may be because it really isn’t a quality product. You might want to rethink about going to the store to purchase your bag again!


2. Keep Your Sneakers Waterproof With Wax

Keep Your Sneakers Waterproof With Wax

The rainy season is not the best time to wear sneakers; but, if you do, then you know they end up getting wet and probably looks ugly. However, you can keep them waterproof all by yourself by using wax.


All you need to do is apply wax on your sneakers. Using a candle is the easiest way to do this. Make sure to rub them everywhere evenly and generously. After applying the wax, blow some hot air onto your sneakers with the help of a hair dryer for a couple of minutes. This will get them to be waterproof.

3. Dry Your Shoes With Sanitary Napkins

Dry Your Shoes With Sanitary Napkins


If you accidentally step into a puddle of water, your shoes are going to get wet and probably smell, too. If your normal practice is to leave them out to dry, which takes a lot of time, then, here’s an easier, quicker way to deal with damp, smelly shoes.

You can use sanitary napkins to dry your shoes faster than it would otherwise. The sanitary napkins absorb the excess moisture and can help you get rid of any unpleasant odor.


4. Use A Flat Iron To Remove Wrinkles From Clothes

Use A Straightener To Remove Wrinkles

If you are having trouble getting rid of wrinkles from your formal shirts or T-shirts, use a flat iron or straightener to straighten them to your satisfaction. Using the flat iron in places where your electric iron cannot reach will give you that perfect wrinkle-free shirt you want.


These work well only on light fabrics like cotton or chiffon. Make sure you don’t try them on hard fabrics. You don’t want to ruin your flat iron!

5. Manage Sweat Stains On Clothes Using Toothpaste

Manage Sweat Stains Using Toothpaste

Summers are fun but it is also that time of the year you sweat a lot, leaving embarrassing sweat stains. You can easily get rid of these stains using toothpaste.  All you need to do is add it to the areas that have these stains and rub it repeatedly until the stain is gone.

6. Apply Petroleum Jelly To Remove Scuff Marks On Shoes

Apply Petroleum Jelly To Remove Scuff Marks On Shoes

Protecting your shoes from scratches is a tough thing to do. But, if you find scratches or scuff marks, don’t discard them. You can get rid of tiny scratches and scuff marks using petroleum jelly.

Apply some petroleum jelly onto a cotton swab and gently rub the scuffed area of the shoe. You’ll notice that small scratches are less visible; however, this may not help with big, deep scratches.

7. Remove Bobbles On Clothes With A Razor

Remove Pill On Clothes With A Razor

Pills, or more commonly known as bobbles, are balls of fiber that form on cloth caused usually by wear. It can be very irritating to feel and to see. But, the good news is that you can get rid of them using a razor.

You can gently use the razor on your cloth, which is spread on a flat surface. Pull the cloth tight and gently shave the cloth. Make sure you are not too hard on it.

8. Keep Your High Boots In Shape With A Magazine

Keep Your High Boots In Shape With A Rolled Magazine

High boots look perfect in stores because they have the support that helps maintain their original shape. Once you purchase them and wear them to a party, you know they are not going to look the same as they did. But, you can fix this problem, too.

To keep your high boots in shape, all you need is a rolled up magazine. Roll the magazine and place it inside your boots and this will help maintain its shape until you use it the next time. You can also use a fitness or yoga mat to keep your boots in shape.

9. Adjust Loose Buttons With Nail Polish

Adjust Loose Buttons With Nail Polish

If you are running late to work and notice a loose button, would you spend time sewing them? Of course not! You can deal with your loose buttons using nail polish.

You need to use clear nail polish on the loose button, making sure that loose strands of thread are removed before applying the polish. Leave it to dry for a couple of minutes and you are good to go.

10. Remove Ink Blots On Clothes With Hand Sanitizer

Remove Ink Blots On Clothes With Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers not only keep the germs away from your hands but can also fix your clothes. It’s easy to drop ink on your clothes and that can leave a stain. You can remove these stains easily using hand sanitizers.

Apply some sanitizer on the ink mark and let it remain for ten minutes before you put the fabric to wash. Wash your cloth like you normally would with warm water. After this is done, you will notice that the stain’s disappeared.

So, the next time you cannot deal with ink blots, stinky shoes, or loose buttons, remember these easy, inexpensive ways to fix your problems.