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Ayurvedic massages are of different types and treat multiple diseases of the body.

10 Types Of Ayurvedic Massages That Can Cure Diseases

Ayurvedic massages are of many types and use medicated oils, herbs, plants, and even utensils at times. The massages are of different forms to treat different types of diseases including migraines, spondylitis, blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, insomnia, depression, chronic headache, earache, and any kind of pains all over the body. Before going for a massage, know which is the right type to treat your condition.
10 Ayurvedic Tips For Preventing And Treating Colds In Kids

10 Home Remedies to Keep Cold Away From Kids

Use basic humidifier with Eucalyptus, lavender or frankincense oils in kids’ bedroom to keep upper respiratory tract moist and clear. Ensure adequate sleep, put saline water drops in their nostrils and use Anu Thailam ear drops. Add nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin, ginger in foods. Eat warm, moist food and listen to grounding music during bedtime to boost immunity.

Need Some Mental Clarity – Try The Neti Pot.

  When your nose is stopped up, stuffy, and you can't breathe, it feels like it is the only thing on your face. But I...