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4 Effective Ways To Use Tea Tree Oil For Lice

Anti-lice shampoos and other chemical treatments can be harsh, especially on children. A natural, safe alternative is tea tree oil, used alone or in combination with gentle treatments like nerolidol, lavender oil, or coconut oil. It can be used as a spray or added to a shampoo. To use: massage the sol. onto the scalp and hair; wash off and comb wet hair to remove the dead lice.
difference between lice and dandruff

Difference Between Lice And Dandruff: What Do You Have?

Specks from dandruff are flakes of scalp skin that easily fall off. If you have lice, those specks are parasites clinging tightly to your hair. Itching is a common trait of both. Dandruff can be caused by seborrhea or even be a reaction to hair products. Lice come from close contact with someone who already has it. Anti-dandruff shampoos, honey, neem, and tea tree oil work on dandruff; pesticidal lotions, manual wet combing, petroleum jelly, and neem can treat lice.

Natural And Safe Tips For A Pest-Free Home

Ants are repelled by the cream of tartar, coffee grinds, chili pepper, and dried peppermint. Repel bed bugs with pure essential oils like cinnamon, lemongrass, clove, and peppermint. Use lemon, citronella, wormwood, and rosemary essential oils to get rid of fleas. Lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, cinnamon oil, thyme oil and citronella oil are natural mosquito repellents.
How to get rid of lice quickly?

How to get rid of lice quickly?

Curejoy Expert Gina Hodge Explains: 6 to 12 million kids in the U.S are affected with head lice each year making it a very common...