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Spring Kitchari – A Detoxifying Meal

In a saucepan, saute 1t each of grated ginger, fennel, cumin, mustard seeds in 3T ghee over med heat. Stir in 1c basmati rice, 1/2c yellow split mung beans, 2 chopped carrots, 1.5c beans, 1/2c zucchini. Add 4c of water and bring to a boil. Add in 1/2t each of coriander powder, sea salt, turmeric, 3 cloves, 3 bay leaves, 1c leafy greens of choice. Cover and cook for 30-45 mins.
How To Make Kitchari: The Nutritious Ayurvedic Detox Food.

How To Make Kitchari: The Nutritious Ayurvedic Detox Food

This dish is known to balance Kapha, Vata and Pitta dosha in Ayurveda. Some of the benefits of eating Kitchari are that it is nutrient rich, builds vitality and strength, and cleanses toxins from bodily tissues, It restores sagging energy and aids in proper digestion, assimilation, and elimination. You can make this in a stockpot or a pressure cooker.