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Jaggery can cause weight gain and spike in blood sugar levels.

9 Side Effects Or Disadvantages Of Eating Jaggery To Be Wary Of

Jaggery may be a more nutritious alternative to refined sugar and also has its place in many traditional remedies. But be wary of parasitic infestations, impurities, and age of the jaggery. Weight gain, elevated sugar levels from high intake, and indigestion are other side effects to watch out for.
is jaggery good for diabetics

Is Jaggery Good For Diabetics?

Jaggery may seem like a great alternative to sugar, but for all its touted health benefits it may not be a smart choice if you’re diabetic. The sweetener has a glycemic index comparable to sugar and honey and a sizeable 65 to 85 percent of its composition is sucrose. Even Ayurveda has jaggery on its no-go list for diabetics.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Jaggery?

Golden brown jaggery, the less refined alternative to white sugar, is a powerful remedy just waiting to be used by you. Whether it is digestive issues, weight loss, respiratory problems, or anemia, jaggery has a role to play. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, immune stimulating properties! To tap into its benefits, simply nibble on it or mix it with warm water and drink up.
Food Combinations To Avoid

7 Food Combinations That You Should Avoid

Improper food combination is one of the primary factors causing gas, flatulence, heartburn and upset stomach. It is best to avoid combining fish and milk, different kinds of proteins, milk and any other food, fruits and any other food, freshly cooked and stored or reprocessed food, and cold water with meals.
Jaggery and Diabetes

Is Jaggery Safe And Healthy for Diabetics?

Is Jaggery Good for Diabetics? The answer, sadly for all those diabetics who consume jaggery as a safe sugar "substitute", is: JAGGERY IS NOT SAFE...