Healing Digestive Problems The Natural Way

1. Candida

There are many natural products that get rid of systemic (whole body) candida, a type of ‘bad’ yeast. The problem is most of them use harsh herbs which can give you a die off, or detox, effect. This can leave you with headaches, nausea, fatigue, vertigo, lightheadedness for up to the first week of the cleanse.

How To Heal:

The products I recommend are not likely to have side effects, because they use enzymes, instead of herbs. These enzymes actually break the cell wall of the yeast and then clean it up like pac-man, instead of throwing the dead yeast into your bloodstream (causing the die off, as your body won’t know the difference between live yeast and dead yeast), before eliminating it through your system. You can use any one of these products, as I believe they are equally effective. All of these products should be taken at 2 capsules, 3x/day, on an empty stomach, for 3 weeks. They are: Candizyme (by Renew Life); Candidase (by Enzymedica); or Candex (by Pure Essence). As I stated earlier, you

should only need one of these products. Candidase is the first candida enzyme product to have come out, so if you want to go with the ‘original’, and you can afford the higher cost, then go for it. But again, anyone of them should do the trick. Candex is the least expensive capsule for capsule. You should also take a good probiotic along with it, such as one of the new Dr. Formulated probiotics by Garden of Life. They make ones for men and women, as well as ones that go with what you have going on in your body. You should take one with at least 50 billion, and preferably the ‘Colon Care’ at 90 billion.

2. Bacterial Infections

There are a lot of natural supplements, most of them herbs, that kill bacteria in the body. I will simply mention my two favorites, which are oregano oil and nano-particle silver.

How To Heal:

Nano-particle silver (I’ll give you the brands in a minute) is superior to colloidal silver, in that it is non-toxic, as won’t build up in your

body and turn you blue, and a nano-particle is 1/100 the size of a colloid molecule, which mean it gets into the cells much better. Taking a 15ppm of nano-particle silver is like taking a 1500ppm of colloidal silver. If you take oregano oil (Oreganol brand) along with silver, you should hit any and every bad bacteria in your system, eliminating whatever infection you have. If you can’t afford both, then one of them should still work well enough. The brands of nano-particle silver to take are either: SilverSol, SilverBiotics, or Sovereign Silver. Take 1 tsp 5x/day for 30 days. As far as oreganol oil, the original patented P-73 brand that works, in my opinion, better than any other, is Oreganol. Take 10 drops 3x/day for 30 days. Will this also kill your ‘good’ bacteria? Yes, but not NEARLY as much as an antibiotic. About a week into your silver and/or oreganol protocol, I advise taking a 50 billion, or higher, probiotic, such as one of the new Dr. Formulated probiotics from Garden of Life, spaced out at least 2
hours away from your protocol.

3. Parasites

Once again, there are many products out there that will kill your parasites. I like to recommend one of a few. You can either look up Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite protocol and follow that, or you can buy either ‘Parastroy’ by Renew Life, ‘Scram!’ by HealthForce, or ‘Wormwood Combination’ by Kroger Herbs. If you buy any of the three products I mentioned, these should be taken at the highest dose (once you build up to it, as stated on the bottles) for 3 weeks, followed by a 5 day break, and then another 3 weeks. That should take care of it!

4. Viral Infections

How many times have you heard that a virus can only be turned dormant, only to keep popping up later in cycles, but never eliminated completely? Well, fortunately for us, even though 99% of the products out there will only turn viruses dormant, there is one that has been shown to actually break the cell wall of the virus and eat it away for good! That product is called

‘Enzyme Defense’ (formerly known as ‘ViraStop’). This product is by Enzymedica. It’s expensive, but it’s WORTH EVERY PENNY! There are two strengths, Enzyme Defense, and Enzyme Defense 2X. The 2X is more economical, as you’ll only need to take 1 capsule 3x/day, on an empty stomach. For minor virues, you do it for 30 days, for semi-major viruses, you do it for 60 days, and for major viruses you do it for 90 days. Unfortunately, I can’t get into all the viruses and what constitutes each type, but please contact me with any questions on that, or anything else in this, or any, article I’ve written. In addition to Enzyme Defense, you should also take the above mentioned ‘Oreganol’ along with it, at 10 drops 3x/day for 30 days. These two products together will hit the virus(es) at all levels. If you REALLY want to hike it up even faster and better (although not necessary), you can add 500mg 4x/day of 17% oleuropein Olive Leaf extract capsules for 30 days, and/or 2000mg 3x/day of L-Lysine for 30 days.

5. Heavy
Metal Poisoning

I discussed having your Naturopathic Doctor test for various heavy metals using various means in part 2 of this article. The type of heavy metals in your brain and/or body will determine your course of treatment, in which your ND will know and prescribe. Some metals respond better to DMSA, some to EDTA, some to Cilantro extract, some to Zeolite, some to Chlorela, and some need a combination of two or more of the above, especially if you’re found to have more than one type of heavy metal inside you. There are also some other ingredients that work well along side the above mentioned ones.

How To Heal:

Generally speaking, for mild to semi-moderate heavy metals, ‘Heavy Metal Cleanse’ by Renew Life should do the trick. You’ll usually need to take it for 2 months for mild toxicity, and 3 months for mild-moderate.

You can also add Zeolite (I like the one by HealthForce) to your regimen, which will pull the metals out even faster. Most often those two products together can be taken for 2 months, and

you will go a long way in detoxing your body almost completely of most heavy metals.

6. Crohns, Colitis, Diverticulosis, Diverticulitis-

All of these conditions cause inflammation in the digestive tract. Crohns is also considered auto-immune, Colitis is simply inflammation of the colon, Diverticulosis is when small craters begin to form in the colon, and Diverticulitis is when those craters become large enough where food gets stuck in those craters and can not be eliminated. In other words, Diverticulosis can turn into Diverticulitis if not treated. In all cases, we need to eliminate all foods that create sensitivities. The number one culprit to Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis is popcorn; YES, POPCORN! Especially, GMO popcorn. The shell of the colonel actually cuts the inside of both the small and large intestine. Popcorn will not hurt you once in awhile, but long term, this is what will happen. ALWAYS choose Non-GMO popcorn, and never eat it more than once a week or more than around 2 oz at a time.

How To Heal:

–The number one nutrient to help heal all of these

conditions is aloe vera juice. Aloe vera will take care of the inflammation, the auto-immune component, and actually healing the digestive tract. You can go one of two ways here. I recommened either the ‘Aloe Life’ brand, and their ‘Aloe Gold’ product, or a freeze dried aloe product called ‘Digestaqure’. With either product, you will most likely need to take it for 4-6 months, depending on how bad your condition is. With Aloe Gold, you’ll want to begin slowly, and build up to 2 oz 3x/day. With Digestaqure, simply follow the instructions on the bottle, or if your condition is really bad, you may need to take one and half times to two times the suggested dose. You can call the company for their advice on your specific condition, or you can call me.

–The other two supplements you’ll want to add, depending on your budget, is a good probiotic, like the ones mentioned earlier in this article, and a good digestive enzyme. My favorite is Digest Gold, by Enzymedica. If that’s too pricey, you can go with Essential Enzymes, by Source Naturals.

7. Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut happens when we keep eating foods we’re sensitive to, to the point where they can no longer be eliminated by the body, begin to build up toxins, such as bacteria and fungus, and those toxins begin to ‘leak’ through our intestinal tract into our bloodstream. First, we need to stop all GMO’s, all gluten, and all other foods we’re sensitive to. Other culprits may be peanuts, citrus, dairy, corn, rice, soy, eggs whites, some beans, and ‘hard’ raw vegetables. Instead of having to do an ‘elimination’ diet, why not just have your ND test to see which foods you’re actually sensitive to.

How To Heal:

The number one thing we need to do in Leaky Gut, is to rebuild the intestinal lining. The same products above for the previous conditions are highly important, but in the case of Leaky Gut, the MOST important product is either ‘IntestiNew’, by Renew Life, or ‘Comprehensive Gut Health’, by Pioneer. Either one of these products work to heal the intestinal lining. You’ll need to take either of these products for 6-9 months, depending on the severity. One product that will greatly speed up the process is adding ‘Gluten Ease’ by Enzymedica, at 2 capsules 3x/day on an empty stomach (if your main issue was gluten), and/or ‘Digest Spectrum’ (same company), if your issue was anything other than gluten. These products will eat away the excess food buildup in your digestive tract, as well as the toxins. If you’re found to have a lot of bacteria or fungal buildup, you’ll also want to add one of the nano-particle silvers I had mentioned earlier, at 1 tsp 5x/day for 2 months.

8. Food Sensitivities

We’ve already mentioned having your ND test to see which foods you’re sensitive to. You’ll want to do three things with food sensitivities.

How To Heal:

Take one of the aloe vera products I suggested above for 3 months (to heal the digestive system), take Digest Spectrum at 2 capsules 3x/day for 2 months (to eat away the food buildup), and do a liver cleanse. There is almost always a toxic liver component with food sensitivities. My favorite liver cleanse product is ‘Bupleurum Liver Cleanse’ by ‘Planetary Herbals’. Build up very slowly to 2 tablets 3x/day. Once you get up to that dosage, do it for 8 weeks at that dosage.