Taryn Walker

My own transformation through Reiki, Yoga and holistic living inspires me to help others on their own journeys through life. Healing became the obvious direction my life would take following the passing of my Mom and brother at a young age. Grief has been a special gift that has opened many magical doors to wholesome living and deep contemplation on life and what it means to live authentically. Healing often requires a change in our subconscious minds. Even if we do all the right things externally, if we don't access the subconscious we remain stuck in destructive patterns for years wondering why our efforts are in vain. I use Reiki and counselling to help my clients access and work with the subconscious. I also offer guidance on holistic ways of living to support the healing process.

Can Reiki Heal Deep Rooted Suffering And Pain?

Reiki is a safe and gentle way to treat illness and overcome suffering. But it cannot be a quick-fix. It can take 1 or many sessions to heal. Sometimes, what you seek to heal and what you need to address to help you heal may be different. The extent to which healing occurs has a lot to do with the recognition of your natural capacity for self-healing.

Reiki: Heal PMS Anger By Connecting With Your Uterus

Be in a comfortable space. Lay down and with both hands over your uterus, inhale deeply, breathing into your uterus, visualizing white healing light enveloping your uterus. Exhale from the mouth imagining any pain or discomfort leaving your uterus as black light. Continue this until you see pure white light. Relax by raising your legs to the wall at a 90-degree angle.

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