Susan Hopkinson

A mother, teacher and healer, Susan uses the ancient wisdom and modern understanding of yoga, ayurveda, mindfulness and astrology to improve people's lives. After studying in Toronto, a brief career in international institutions brought her to Brussels in 1991, where she later made a radical transformation to a better work/family balance by becoming a yoga teacher in 1998. This developed into a yoga therapy practice since 2007, which is complemented by her use of mindfulness and astrology offering a wide variety of avenues to suit the individual wellness needs of each client.

Do I Need To Do This Now?

We all spend a lot of time working nonstop. Naturally, by the end of the day we're all drained out. Stop for a moment if the work you're done needs to be done right now, and only by you. Delegate, schedule, be organized, and make more time for yourself for a better and healthy living.

Building Bridges With Mindfulness

Truly understanding how people arrive at their choices and beliefs might start to narrow the gap caused by the dangerous and disheartening political polarization and social fragmentation taking place today, in person and especially online. Practicing mindfulness can help us see that we have so much more in common with each other than we usually admit.

3 Easy, Instant, And Cost-Free Ways To Improve Your Mind

Looking for smart and instant ways to boost your intellect? Try these 3 easy ways to fuel your brain and calm your mind.

5 Myths About Meditation

Meditation brings so many benefits, yet there are many misleading and confusing myths about it, such as “I’m too busy to meditate”, or “Meditation only works for some people”. Read about the reality behind the myths and start to enjoy the benefits of meditating today!

Equinox And Equilux: Finding Balance

To maximise balance and well-being, we benefit from living in harmony with the cycles of life. Ayurveda teaches how to live along with the energy of each moment, and shows us how to adapt our diets and daily routines to the time of day, the weather and the seasons.

Guru Purnima – Honouring Our Teachers

On this guru purima let's discover our inner dispeller of darkness. Let's honor the many teachers who made a difference to our life through their wisdom.

Embracing Uncertainty And Letting Go

Our suffering, individual and collective is rooted in a sense of separation. It manifests subtly as isolation, jealousy, indignation. It’s indeed humbling to assert our interdependence even as unique expressions of life. But the times are changing as the planets seem to reassert. If we manage to keep our focus within, coming months shall be great for all human endeavours and more clarity shall emerge in all spheres of life.

Crimes Against Wisdom: Are You Guilty Of Overindulgence?

Eating even after you feel full, not sleeping when tired or knowingly indulging in substance abuse? Dismissing your better sense and doing things you know you shouldn’t will take its toll. Your health, self-will, and self-regard will gradually decline, encouraging you to make even more bad decisions. Develop an inner calm (sattva) by first accepting that you are acting against your best interests.

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