Sumi Jones

I've been working in this field for over 12 yrs. I help people get fully in touch with who they are and to achieve their goals in life. I work with individuals who have an active interest in improving their lives and who take responsibility for their growth and happiness. I'm blessed to have intuitive guidance for my sessions which allows them to quickly move blocks, beliefs, or patterns which have kept people from being the best they can be. I'm grateful for all of the amazing clients I've had the privilege to work with over the years.

How To Strive For Balance And Happiness In A Relationship

Wanting to enhance or repair your relationship? Here is the secret to a thriving, healthy, and long-lasting relationship!

How Negative Thinking Affects You

Your thoughts manifest as your reality. So, it's better if they are good ones. Find out how can you rewire your brain and shift your focus to the positive?

Want An Exciting, Successful Life? Change Your Beliefs!

Your subconscious beliefs tend to recur in your life. So if you are courting failure repeatedly, it's time to let go these deep seated beliefs about life.

Letting Go Of Old Emotions To Pursue Real Happiness

Holding on to grudges or regret or bottling away disappointment or anger is unhealthy. Letting go of negative emotions without confrontation slowly depletes your peace of mind. Address a letter to the person you’re mad at or a confidant or vent by talking to a friend. Identify emotions that surface. Else, tap on specific body points while reciting liberating lines to yourself with the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Committing 100% To Achieving Your Goals

Start the process of goal achievement with a 100% commitment and nothing less. Stay positive about the mission at hand no matter what the circumstances you face. Align yourself to your goals and don't wait for the perfect situation. Be true and own up to yourself if you want to go forward. Veer away from beliefs, obstacles or thoughts that can sabotage your progress in achieving your dreams.

4 Useful Tips To Build Trust In Relationships

Mutual trust is the essence of any relationship, be it personal or professional. To foster such trust, create the space to be your truest self. This will work only when steer clear of doubting the other person's integrity. Be courageous enough to convey feelings about a person or a situation, without being hurtful. Cherish truthful people and make every effort to keep them around.

How Your Core Values Define Your Choices And Decisions

How Your Core Values Define Your Choices And Decisions

Want A Lasting Relationship? Make It Your Top Priority

We are in relationships with whomever we continuously interact. As difficult as it may be, you must prioritize your relationships over and above your other interests or duties. Be respectful, set aside your ego, and care even in trying times. Allow the other person to be honest. Rethink your responses and don't project your past experiences or notions. Tough? But necessary.

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