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10 Possible Causes Of Back Pain At Night: Should You Be Worried?

Back pain at night can be caused by poor posture through the day or while sleeping, wearing high heels, or even sleeping on a very soft or a very hard mattress. These typically resolve with rest and remedial measures. Pregnancy also causes back pain which resolves after childbirth. However, if these do not heal the pain, check for kidney stones, endometriosis, spinal arthritis, spinal tumors, or a cancer of the abdominal organs.

Ashwagandha For Height Increase: What Science Says

While some claim that ashwagandha triggers the human growth hormone, no scientist agrees. The herb cannot make you grow taller but it can surely keep you from losing your natural height with age. It can strengthen your bones by helping form new bones, increase bone mineral density, and heal injured and osteoporotic bones, keeping your posture erect. By lowering your stress and inflammation, it also gives you a healthy appearance.

Benefits Of Alkaline Water: 5 Facts That Might Surprise You

Ionize your water with a lemon or baking soda to manage your BP, blood sugar, and cholesterol; improve bone metabolism, keeping its mineral content high; and treat acid reflux. Alkaline water helps most if you're physically active as it balances the lactic acid in the blood after a workout and keeps your heart and lungs less stressed. But too much of it can hamper your digestion and deposit excess calcium in the kidneys.

Exercises To Avoid While Pregnant

Avoid high-impact racket games like tennis, risky sports like horse riding or skiing, and scuba diving. Stay off contact sports like judo, exercises in a supine position which obstruct the blood flow, forward bends and overhead lifting that can hurt your back, and hot yoga and Pilates that result in overheating your body. Eat well to make up for lost calories and stay hydrated. Consult a doc if you get pelvic or chest pain or vaginal bleeding.

How Many Cups Of Green Tea Per Day Is Good For You?

The high aluminum and lead content in green tea can lead to health conditions like low hemoglobin. The antioxidants catechins and tannins hamper iron absorption from your food. If you're not on medication for high BP, anxiety, or arrhythmia, 3 cups a day is fine. Have 2 cups max if you're pregnant. Don't drink it before bedtime if you have insomnia. Stay off it if you're anemic and ask your doc if you're undergoing chemo.

7 Science-Backed Benefits Of Cucumber For Your Skin

Cucumber is the solution to everything from acne and scars to laugh lines. It halts the breakdown of elastin and hyaluronic acid which firm up and hydrate the skin and build collagen, keeping the skin moist and supple and fighting signs of aging. Slather its juice on before sunbathing to stay away from sun tan and keep the skin cells undamaged by UV rays. And two slices of cucumber on your puffy, tired eyes can work wonders.

Causes Of Back Pain At Night

A day spent slouching at the desk or an evening spent dancing on high heels affects the spine curve and leads to back pain at night. A very soft or a hard and uneven mattress won't support your back and will worsen the pain. If change in sleeping and sitting posture doesn't lower the pain, and you aren't pregnant, see a doc and test for spinal arthritis or tumors, kidney stones, or a cancer of the abdominal organs.

What Are The Common Causes Of Back Pain In Men?

Diseases that induce back pain in men include ankylosing spondylitis or spinal arthritis, enlargement of the aorta, and prostate inflammation. Disk rupture affects men more as their jobs are more physically strenuous and involve manual machine handling. Low education status restricts men's access to healthcare and makes relapse more likely. Men who smoke or drink excessively are also prone to back pain.

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