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Hi! I´m Eleni, fertility and pregnancy nutrition expert and founder of Primal Baby, a health sanctuary for all things pregnancy - before, during and after. I help women who are trying to conceive or are already pregnant to optimise their diet and lifestyle for succesful conception and a healthy baby

3 Pregnancy Super Foods

Feeding yourself the right foods during pregnancy is not only crucial to your well-being, but for your baby's growth too. Best nutritional picks that are a must-have in every pregnancy diet include - eggs, avocados, and legumes. Thanks to their promising potential to prevent gestational diabetes, birth defects and protect the baby from developing asthma.

11 Things To Know Before Giving Birth

Giving birth is the most amazing as well as feared part of pregnancy, especially if you are pregnant for the first time. There are a few things you might want to understand and know before you deliver. Right from creating a birth plan to taking umpteen number of pictures, be prepared for your baby.

Deciding Between Vaginal Birth And C-Section

Selecting the mode of childbirth is an important decision greatly affecting both the mother and the baby. Both methods have their pros and cons. Either method can be suitable depending on your personal health factors as well. So know your facts before taking this big decision.

3 Tips To Boost Fertility Naturally

Use glass containers instead of plastic when eating/drinking anything hot and when warming food in the microwave, as heat can cause toxic chemicals to leach into your food, messing up the body's hormones. Buy fragrance-free, organic cotton pads and tampons or use silicon cup, which collects, instead of absorbing menstrual blood. Say "NO" to processed foods!

PCOS Management Tips For Optimal Fertility

Trying to conceive? Check-out the following "miracle" fertility treatments (backed by solid scientific studies!) for PCOS pregnancy success.

Nutrition Tips For Natural PCOS Management During Pregnancy

A combination of right nutrients and essential supplements are key to PCOS pregnancy success. Cinnamon helps lower the risk of miscarriage in women with PCOS by keeping their blood sugar levels in check. Curcumin pills taken daily over a 9-month course prevents gestational diabetes while selenium and MUFA-rich almonds, walnuts helps restore the hormonal balance.

How To Support Beneficial Symbiotic Bacteria In Pregnancy

The mouth lends beneficial bacteria to the uterus and placenta. So avoid harsh hydrogen peroxide based mouthwashes. Try oil pulling using sesame or cold-pressed coconut oil instead. Consume naturally fermented foods, such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut. Avoid commercially available animal products as they contain chemicals that throw your gut flora off balance.

Why You Should Avoid Prenatal Stress

Abundant levels of stress hormone - cortisol, during pregnancy, interfere with the baby's physical and emotional growth. These infants weigh less at birth, cry more, have a weaker immune response, and are more difficult to handle. Try Prenatal yoga to reduce stress during pregnancy. Also practice Meditation and Flotation (trans-dermal magnesium therapy) for deep relaxation.

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