Michelle Arington

My name is Michelle Arington. I am an Integrative Nutrition Mind-Body Health Coach, NASM certified Personal Fitness Trainer & certified Yoga, Yamuna® BodyRolling & Foot Fitness practitioner in Athens,Ga. As a mind-body health coach, I educate and inspire people who are ready to explore and embrace a holistic and mindful approach to achieving physical, emotional & mental balance, fitness and vitality. I offer a variety of holistic tools and integrative, therapeutic practices to help my clients reach their wellness, weight and fitness goals.

How To Get Rid Of Your Child’s Sweet Cravings?

Postpone the introduction of sweets to young children. Sweet cravings may be a sign of dehydration, increase the amount of water your child drinks. Introduce more naturally sweet veggies and fruits. Being more active helps release feel-good endorphins. Eliminate fat-free and low-fat processed foods. Get more sleep, rest and relaxation.

Good Sleep Is The Secret To Weight Loss

Chronic lack of sleep can lead to mood disorders, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and early mortality. Eat a breakfast rich in fiber and protein, make lunch your largest meal and don't eat your dinner too late. If you do feel hungry before bedtime, a small protein snack with healthy fat staves off sleep-depriving hunger without sabotaging your weight-loss goals.

Stimulate Your Heart And Soul

“The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand.” - Robert Valett The human heart has been known...

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