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Ladies, Do Try These High-Intensity Workouts For Weight Loss

Do a cardio activity (cycling/running/walking/row machine) at high intensity for 30 secs. Recover at your own pace for 3–4 mins. Do 4–8 rounds in 30–45 mins. Or just do it for 20 mins at your max. tempo. You can also go high-intensity on one activity for 10 mins, then recover with a relaxed one for 5 mins (eg. treadmill for the work interval and elliptical for recovery!).

5 Tips To Deal With Aging In A Healthy Way

Question stereotypical ageist myths that dictate what the elderly can or can't do before you accept them. Don’t wallow in self pity. Indulge in group activities like a fitness class. Don’t be discouraged by old bad habits. Fix them one at a time without taking shortcuts. Be proactive. Foster a child-like curiosity to learn. Attune your lifestyle to compensate for changes you anticipate.

Culinary And Lifestyle Tips To Avoid High Blood Pressure

Salt overdose likely comes from processed foods that are convenient to get. Cook at home. Indulge in potassium-rich foods - beets in salads, coconut water in smoothies, or bok choy in stir-fries. Ensure that you get adequate magnesium too - Brazilian nuts or raw pumpkin seeds over oatmeal, or avocados in salad dressings. Pause before meals, take a deep breath and ruminate.

When Diabetes Is A Guest At Your Christmas Dinner Table

Include delicious spices, herbs, and whole foods like barley, buckwheat, beans, peas, lentils, brussels sprouts, cayenne, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, kale, cauliflower, asparagus, potatoes and pumpkin seeds in your holiday meal. This will can help stabilize blood sugar and improve overall health of everyone at the Christmas dinner table, especially if they have diabetes.

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