Giovanna Garcia

Giovanna Garcia, founder of A Purified Life, is a nutritionist and certified natural chef in San Francisco with a passion for holistic living. She believes that food is medicine and that connecting to our body and heart is key for good health and longevity. From her personal health journey of overcoming emotional and disordered eating, she has developed a unique approach of looking at lifestyle habits in addition to nutrition. Giovanna supports individuals on their health journey through food and wellness events, online recipe books, and superfood chocolate bars. She specializes in organic, seasonal, unrefined, and plant-based cooking. She has found that working with whole ingredients is one of the best tools to connect people to their intuitive self and open up their consciousness.

12 Simple Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget

Cook your own meals. Not only do you know what’s going in, it also doesn’t cost a bomb. Planning meals ahead helps you buy in bulk, eliminates wastage, and helps include unused items. Eating seasonal produce is cheaper and you can easily source them at the farmer’s market or ethnic stores. Start your own kitchen garden and get creative with your recipes.

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