Gaurang Chandarana

Gaurang is the Founder of wellzee.com and is a certified Yoga teacher, dietitian, Counselor, Soft Skills trainer and Six Sigma Black Belt. He has had a long association with The Yoga Institute, Santacruz as a teacher & Kaivalyadham as a practitioner. He has taught, trained or counseled a few thousand individuals in the areas of disease management, health, lifestyle, stress and rehabilitation. In a previous avatar he had a long career in the Banking & Finance Sectors post his MBA.

Eat Your Way To Weight Loss And Health

Weight loss regimes mostly include strict exercising routines and diets. But you can also help with weight loss by simply eating right. Although what we eat is important, how we eat also matters. This can affect and influence good digestion and help you lose weight easily.

Yoga Asanas To Get Pregnant

Are you struggling with fertility issues and trying very hard to get pregnant? Get rid of your stress and do these yoga asanas to conceive in a healthy way. Watch video to know more.

Ancient Yoga Wisdom To Control And Treat Diabetes

Overeating, erratic sleeping habits, lack of physical activity, stress, alcohol and substance abuse can cause insulin imbalance and inappropriate blood sugar levels. Fenugreek seeds help moderate blood glucose. Two asanas that are beneficial in diabetes management are nishpanda bhava (the no movement pose) and savasana (the corpse pose). Make diabetes a myth!

Tips To Overcome Poor Sleep And Improve Sleep Quality Naturally

Your body needs sufficient sleep for your hormones to work. Less sleep or sporadic sleep will deprive your body of the time it requires to rejuvenate. Eat your last meal 2-3 hrs before you sleep and sleep by 10 PM. Cease all recreational activities 15 min before you sleep. Switch off the TV, laptop and put your mobile on silent. Unwind with some breathing yoga asanas.

Watering Down The Lactose Intolerance Myth

Only a very tiny proportion of people across the world are prone to lactose intolerance - you don't need to shun dairy. Some simple diet adjustments can help. Go easy on heavy cream and cheese, opt for buttermilk, fresh yogurt or homemade cottage cheese instead. Choose fresh full-fat grass-fed cow milk. Dilute your milk with water, especially as you get on in age. Cut down on excess protein.

Are You Really Gluten Intolerant?

Gluten intolerance has been incorrectly generalized. Digestive disorders are caused due to fast-paced lifestyle involving impaired sleep patterns and heavy foods consumption. Filter the amount, density and freshness of wheat you consume. Minimize your risks of digestive disorders by avoiding grains in general, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and exercising.

Stressed Out Often? Check Your Eating Habits

Binge eating is perceived by the brain as a signal of nutrients shortage pushing the body into a stress response mode. Blood is diverted from other essential functions to the digestive system and body stores more sugar, fat and cholesterol, increasing risk of obesity, diabetes and blood pressure. Eat small, balanced, nutritious and simple food at regular times.

4 Toxic Traits Of Stress

When faced with stress, your mind deploys coping strategies based on what has worked in the past. Over time these become imbibed as a trait. Displaying helplessness is also a trait that people use to get out of tricky situations. People will use aggression, dominance or develop a personality where they feign ignorance and avoid getting into conflict with others.

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