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What Simple Lifestyle Tweaks Help Prevent Back Pain?

Maintain good posture as lack of which can add strain to muscles and put stress on the spine causing back pain. Increased weight always applies added pressure to the spine and the entire anatomy. Keep your weight in a healthy range for your age, bone structure and height. Look for a pair of shoes with good arch support.

How Can Yoga Help Cure Heel Pain?

Sit with legs outstretched in front and toes pointing to the ceiling, point your toes away and back 15 times. Now lean forward and grip your toes or ankles. Slowly shift to a butterfly stretch and follow it with the Thunderbolt pose followed by a Mountain pose. This sequence improves blood circulation and strengthens muscles around the heel.

Hearing Loss: Are Your Headphones To Blame?

When excessive sound is delivered directly into the ear through headphones, it causes damage of the hair cells (the sensory cells) leading to hair loss. Avoid listening to headphones at volumes greater than 60% of max volume more than 60 mins a day. Consequently you need to decrease your listening time if you decide to up the volume.

Which Yoga Exercises Help Increase Sperm Count?

Ashwani Mudra - Sit in a meditative pose. Slowly pull the anus and lower abdominal muscles up and relax. Agnisar Kriya - Stand with feet apart. Place hands on the knees and loosen your belly. Exhale, hold your breath out and pull your stomach in as far as you can, such that it touches your back. Then, loosen and release the stomach.

Are There Cognitive Behavioral Therapies For Weight Loss?

Set realistic goals and don't stress if you don't achieve them. Stress contributes to weight gain. Observe on what triggers food cravings and try to reduce the number of triggers. Stay positive through your weight loss regime and get feedback on how you're doing to stay motivated. Give yourself non-food rewards, like maybe a day off from work.

Weight-Loss Tips For Women Over 40

Maintaining the ideal weight becomes difficult due to the body’s reducing metabolism with age. The excess weight also consequently makes you susceptible to different diseases. Incorporate these few tips every day to help lose those extra pounds and keep you healthy.

Are My Odd Habits A Symptom Of Concealed Depression?

Certain hidden signs of depression are being exponentially happy, having irregular sleep cycles, abnormal eating habits, inability to focus and being negative. These are difficult to trace as people facing these symptoms usually keep to themselves. Other more common mistakes include weight loss, loss of appetite and feelings of uselessness.

Which Type Of Dietary Fat Triggers Fat Burn?

Eat foods that contain monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats instead of foods that contain saturated fats or trans fats. It helps break down existing fat by activating the fat-burning pathways through the liver. It also takes a longer time to digest than other nutrients, keeping you feeling full for a longer time.

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