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If you are suffering from chronic illness like gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune disease, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome; or if you're intent on preserving your health and reaching optimal wellness and greater vitality, then you've arrived at the right place! Functional nutrition when approached holistically and applied personalized to the individual, it is known to support the body's normal healthy functions. Functional nutrition based on scientific evidence is also known to support and compliment traditional medical approaches to treating disease and assisting in the body's own healing processes. I have many years experience working with functional nutrition experts and I have learned how to use diet, smart supplementation and lifestyle choices to support optimal health.

The Silent Signs And Symptoms Of Thyroid Disorder You Need To Know

Thyroid disorders arise when the thyroid gland either overproduces (hyperthyroidism) or underproduces (hypothyroidism) the thyroid hormones. With hyperthyroidism, your symptoms will usually reflect an increased heart rate, sweating, and unexplained weight loss. In contrast, hypothyroidism signs include a sudden weight gain, hair loss, cold extremities.

16 Cancer-Causing Foods You May Be Eating Daily!

Cancer is a dreadful disease which looms over majority of people. There is more good than harm by being aware of the foods which cause cancer. These 16 cancer-causing foods in the list might be in your diet everyday without your knowledge about their effects. Check out the list and keep it out of your diet to stay away from cancer.

Diabetes Supplements To Make Your Living Easier

Supplements that contain Banaba, Gymnema Sylvestre, Bitter Melon, Alpha Lipoic Acid, American Ginseng, Fenugreek Seed Extract, Bilberry and Gingko Biloba Extract can help cope with diabetes symptoms. Consult a doctor as these supplements may change blood sugar levels abruptly. Consume antioxidant rich food and exercise on a daily basis.

Dietary Supplements To Gain Control Over Diabetes

Supplemental chromium has beneficial effects on HbA1c, glucose, insulin, and cholesterol variables. Banaba extract has an “insulin-like principle” and ability to reduce blood sugar. The herb Gymnema Sylvestre is capable of lowering blood glucose levels. Bitter melon can significantly improve glucose tolerance and Grape Seed Extract improves venous blood flow.

Grapeseed Extract Curbs Inflammation And Free Radicals

According to M.W. International, the pine source is superior because it provides many other valuable natural constituents in addition to OPC. On the other hand, Traco Labs, claims that pycnogenol is missing the valuable gallic esters found in grape seed extract. This makes grape seed extract a better free radical scavenger than pycnogenol.

Impact Of Oral Hygiene For Overall Health

The American Dental Association states that 40 % of people with gum disease also have a chronic health conditions. Diabetes, heart disease and arthritis are related to dental health. Eating a balanced diet avoiding sweets, drinking lots of water, avoiding tobacco, chewing sugarless gum and regular dental check ups are a must to keep dental health in check.

How Mercury Toxicity Can Lead To Hypertension

Mercury toxicity should be evaluated in any patient with hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebral vascular disease, cerebrovascular accident, or other vascular diseases. If you are suffering from hypertension, go in for the following tests: Erythrocyte and whole blood toxic element levels and/or a 24 hour toxic metal urine test using DMSA.

Role Of Nitric Oxide In Building Strong Muscles

Nitric Oxide (NO) improves blood flow to engaged muscles, which in turn improves nutrient circulation, oxygen transport and reduces blood pressure. This improvement in blood flow automatically enhances performance and lets you push your muscle's limits. It also helps clear lactic acid build up that occurs at the joints, which improves endurance.

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