Corrina Choe

I have spent most of my career in the Corporate world almost 23 years working in top IT organizations while living my journey through studying Yoga Philosophy, Polarity Energy Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda and nutrition for over 18 years. I was drawn to the Eastern studies for my own personal reasons suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and looking to reconnect with my purpose in life. Every day I continue to transform by cultivating a practice of spiritual development, yoga, meditation and always checking in with my soul. I see everything for what it is good or bad, and learn from that without all the stress tied to it.

How To Settle The Mind Before Meditating For Anxiety

Meditating is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about suppressing anxiety. But controlling your anxiety to start meditating is difficult. Before you start meditating, keep your eyes closed, walk alone for 10 minutes slowly, and make sure your breathing process is normal (that may reverse in anxiety). Then, close your eyes. Now, inhale and exhale deeply, feeling your stomach going out and in respectively. Continue for 2–3 minutes. It'll help you breathe fully and reset your nervous system to relaxation.

Why Is Your Child’s Bedtime Routine The Most Important Time?

Bedtime is a crucial time for you and your children, who are exhausted after the entire day's activities. This is the time when they are relaxed and would want to share their small or big experiences. To make them emotionally healthy, you can practice 2 bedtime routines and mind, body, and breath-cleanse exercise with them. The first one is 3-part breath, where you place your hands on their bodies and ask them to breathe using different body parts. Another way to cleanse the mind is counting backward from 10 to 1. This will strengthen your connect with your children.

4 Tips To Get Kids Meditate

I just want to share my supermom tools which I use. I believe every mom should have some to make the job easier in...

True Goal Of Yoga And Ayurveda: Eliminate Human Suffering

Yoga is about union with oneself and remembering who you really are. We may only think of yoga as postures, but that is a...

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