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Ananta Ripa Ajmera is author of the Amazon bestselling book "The Ayurveda Way: 108 Practices from the World's Oldest Healing System for Better Sleep, Less Stress, Optimal Digestion, and More" (Storey Publishing). She is Director of Branding and Yoga Studies at Vedika Global, a foundation her teacher Acharya Shunya created to awaken health and consciousness with Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta. She has taught Ayurveda at Stanford University, California Department of Public Health, UNICEF, Mother Earth News Fair, NY Insight Meditation Society, NYU, ABC News, and CA Probation Departments. Her work has been featured on Fox 5 News, Good Day New York, Reader's Digest, MindBodyGreen, and Elephant Journal. She graduated from NYU Stern Business School where she received an honors degree in marketing.

5 Ways To Boost Your Digestion With Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and the world's oldest healing system. It stems from two roots words: ayush, which means "life," and...

Be Naturally Beautiful With 3 Ayurvedic Recipes For Glowing Skin

Ayurveda is one of the first systems of medicine to promote, and even celebrate, the pursuit of physical beauty as something essential to your...

4 Inspiring Ways To Love From Ayurveda

Love is such a mysterious subject, right? This one invisible thing is what makes the whole world go around. We do incredible things in the...

3 Ways To Embrace The Sun And Enhance Your Health, Mood And Soul Power

Connect with the life-giving, all-powerful and re-energizing sun to nurture spiritually. Identify yourself with the sun, and caress your inner strengths and purpose. Watch the sunrise each morning. Mindfully cultivate a relationship with the sun as you do sun salutations in the morning. Pour water in the direction of the sun to empower both the sun and yourself.

Ayurvedic Perspective On Mindful Eating And Honoring Food

According to Ayurveda, mindful eating is one of the best ways to honor your body. The entire act of eating is a sacred ritual and art in which you connect with a higher power in the food you eat, the person(s) who grew it, people who cooked the food and the act of cooking. Offering prayers and gratitude are a way to acknowledge the consciousness in food.

Ayurvedic Anti-acne And Anti-aging Facial Recipe

Place 1 cup of masoor dal (red lentils) into a coffee grinder or blender. Add 2 tsp turmeric powder,15-20 strands of saffron and 2 tsp sandalwood powder. Grind or blend into a fine powder. Mix a little water with the powder to make a fine paste. Apply on face for 5-10 mins, and rinse with cold water. Best time to apply is just prior to your morning shower.

4 Natural Ways Ayurveda Supports Healthy Digestion

Wake up early, ideally between 4-6 am which is the most spiritually charged time of the day. Drink only warm water, cold water counters the heat produced in your digestive tract while warm water supports it. Same goes for salads, they are cold and work against your 'digestive fire'. Consume ghee regularly; it works great as a mild laxative.

7 Ayurvedic Secrets For Healthy Digestion

Ginger and a pinch of rock salt can help treat constipation. Consume warm food and water, cold food requires more energy to burn. Eat in a quite space, keep away from electronics. Practice Vajrasana after a meal. Use cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and ajwain seeds in food. Don't eat when anxious or angry and give enough time for digestion.

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