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My name is Ana Jane and I'm a stay at home mom and a full time blogger on http://www.fulltimemums.com. Before I decided to dedicate my life to my lovely family (and recently to blogging), I was an elementary school teacher for 15 years. I love writing about life as a mom which includes a wide range of topics covering general parenting, pregnancy, kids, relationships, marriage etc.

When Can I Start Giving Water To My Baby?

When should I start giving water to my baby ? If you are a mom, you have certainly asked yourself this question numerous times....

Breastfeeding While Pregnant – What You Need To Know

Finding out you are pregnant doesn’t mean you must stop breastfeeding your toddler. Breastfeeding while pregnant is normal for many mothers who chose to...

What Is Amniotic Fluid? – Composition, Function, And Levels

The amniotic fluid is what nourishes and protects your baby in the amniotic sac throughout pregnancy from any external pressure. However, high or low levels of this fluid can put you at an increased risk of having a miscarriage or stillborn baby, breech baby, or premature labor and delivery. The key is to take care to eat healthily, stay well-hydrated, and get plenty of rest.

Tooth Ache During Pregnancy: Causes & Treatments

Frequent hormonal and dietary shifts during pregnancy may leave you prone to sensitive teeth and gums. For a quick fix, you may try all-natural (and highly safe!) remedies like applying a hot or cold compress to the affected area and chewing on a piece of raw onion, garlic, or some fresh spinach leaves. Equally soothing can be a salt-water gargle or rinse.

Is It Safe To Swim While Pregnant?

If you were a regular swimmer before getting pregnant, you should continue with your routine. You can swim for 30 minutes without aggravating your joints. It gives you relief from foot and ankle swelling. Swimming eases the sciatic pain. Cool water provides welcome relief from morning sickness. Swimming helps maintain muscle tone and increases your endurance when in labor and delivery.

10 Useful Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

Maintain a daily exercise routine of light to mild exercise, focusing more on kegel and deep breathing exercises, during your entire pregnancy. Keep a tab on your weight, by drinking copious amounts of water and filling up on fresh fruits, leafy greens. Engage in regular perineal massage after the completion of 7th month to ease stress levels and tackle labor efficiently.

Healthy Substitute Cheat-Sheet For Expecting Mothers

Food cravings are a common occurrence for expecting mothers, about half of them report at least one food craving during their pregnancy. Cravings can...

Back Pain In Pregnancy – How To Protect?

Back pain and pregnancy goes hand-in-hand. It doesn't always disappear after the baby arrives too. When you are pregnant lifting heavy weights is a definite no-no. Wear comfortable footwear, do regular exercises, consume good nutrition and most importantly take care of your emotions. After birth, watch the way you sit while feeding, lifting and also the way you bend while changing clothes.

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