Attention Dad! You Can Make A Breastfeeding New Mom’s Life Easier

Hello dads, having a great time with your bundle of joy? As you enjoy your beautiful days with the newborn, it is time for you to think of your partner too. She is there at your home recovering from delivery and having a tough time breastfeeding the baby. Yet, she does her best to take care of your little love and make sure that household work is on track.

When you enjoy carefree moments with the baby, it is your responsibility to ensure that your partner is also at ease. Agreed that you are busy with your office work. However, offering a helping hand to the breastfeeding mom to make her life easier is more important. Because she will forever remember your love and care, which will reinforce the family bonding. Here are a few ways to comfort a breastfeeding new mom.


Attend Breastfeeding Classes

Wondering for what? You will be in a better position to help your partner if you know the hardships of breastfeeding. The knowledge will help you realize that breastfeeding is a struggle for your partner, at least in the initial days.

Well, she is not exaggerating the pain and the trouble associated with breastfeeding. You will get that point when someone else explains it for you.


Take On Other Work

Dishes, cooking, laundry – there is no end to a mom’s work. It is natural for her to get tired when she manages everything all alone. Lend her your helping hand. Her body is healing from childbirth and too much stress may even affect her milk production. Do your best to keep her relaxed.

Take care of her needs. As she feeds her baby, her body needs more nutritious food to stay healthy. Because she is the only source of nutrients for your baby. Ensure that there is enough stock of healthy food at home.


Say Yes To Baby Care

Be in charge of baby care, especially during night hours. Don’t leave your partner alone to deal with diapers, poop, and baby cries. Take up diaper duty. Change your baby’s nappy whenever needed. Many dads are least excited about it. Believe us, it is not difficult as you think.

Next, is burping task. By holding your baby chest to chest, help your baby burp. Pat or rub your baby’s back. As you take care of the baby, your partner will get some rest. She can have some snacks or take a nap to reenergize. Also, give your baby a bath. This is, in fact, a great way to bond with your baby.


Be There For Her

Your partner needs a shower. She likes to take a break. She loves to enjoy watching TV or listening to music. Make sure that she gets that ‘me time’. Dad, this ‘me time’ is a blessing in disguise. Your partner gets some time to refresh herself and she will be back in high spirits, which means fewer moments of frustration and anger. And that is definitely a good news for the family.

Entertain Older Kids

Do you have older kids? Be a responsible dad and ensure that they don’t miss their mom at all when she is busy breastfeeding her newborn. Play with them or take them out. Handle their school affairs. Feed them.


Leaving your kids with your partner while she breastfeeds will be a nightmare for her. Imagine, helping the newborn to get a proper latch and answering all unwanted and unexpected questions from your older kids. So dads, take charge of your older kids.

Restrict Visitors

If your partner is not comfortable with guests, it is best to restrict them. There is no fixed timeframe for breastfeeding, especially in the first few weeks. Your baby and partner need to find a comfortable feeding position and he/she needs to learn how to latch well. Till then, it is a struggle. When visitors keep coming, the new mom may take more time to settle down with the baby. This might aggravate her frustration. Limiting the visitors will be a great move.


Yes, every family will have a special tribe of people who insist on coming and seeing the baby. Well, if they come home, take the lead and entertain them. Arrange food for them. Keep in mind, home-cooked food by your partner is not a choice.

Encourage Her

Every new mom is scared of her parenting ability. In the initial days, she is always skeptical about her baby getting enough milk. Your words of encouragement can make her strong. Make her understand that every new mom has gone through such a phase and she is not alone.


Dads, it is exhausting for you too. But, remember that it is more tiring for your partner as her wounds from the delivery are in the healing process. Moreover, she might be going through an emotional trauma. Help her in all the ways possible and keep reminding her how awesome she is.