Yoga Asanas To Get Pregnant

In this fast paced world, fertility issues keep increasing every day especially with higher income level group. Drastically declining fertility levels have been found through various studies in many countries, including the WHO. This is as high as 70% plus in men and 40% and above in women.

Reasons For Infertility In Women

It’s not biological reasons in most cases. The following are the key reasons why it’s difficult for women to conceive:

  • Stress is one of the leading factors.
  • Giving priority to career over getting pregnant.
  • Increasing air pollution across the world.
  • Lifestyle reasons like insufficient nutrition and proper sleep.
  • Lack of physical activities or any form of exercise.
  • A greater focus toward virtual world.

A study in China has found that couples spend more time on their smartphones even when they are together. This ‘signals’ the body that procreation is no longer required, that results in couples not having children when they have to.

Yoga Works In Inducing Pregnancy

There are many ways in which simple hatha yoga asanas work to improve reproductive health and dramatically improve chances of becoming pregnant. This works for both men and women.


How yoga works on women’s reproductive health? Below are the reasons:

  • Stress is found to be one of the biggest factors for not getting pregnant. Yoga brings calmness and relieves stress.
  • The imbalance in the body leads to many problems. A lot of times, this affects the reproductive system. Yoga restores balance to the body and automatically improves fertility.

The asanas or postures which specifically work on the reproductive system:

  • Improves regularity of periods, body fluids and hormones which are important.
  • Stimulates the ovaries.
  • A greater production of eggs which are more receptive.
  • Improving strength and elasticity of the womb.

5 Important Asanas For Conception

A lot of information is available on the internet for women about yoga asanas. However, there is very little that specifically targets the reproductive system.

  • Practice it in a sequence for a month on an empty stomach.
  • Practice them either in the morning or evening.

1. Ashwini Mudra

This is the best asana one can do to get pregnant. It is so simple and needs to be done on an empty stomach once or twice a day.


Learn ashwini mudra from video


2. Gomukhasana

This asana helps improve elasticity of the womb and relieves it of physical stress. It is very simple and can be done by anyone very easily. Along with normal deep breathing, it helps strengthen the reproductive organs.

You can view this with all its benefits in this video


3. Ardha Naukasana

This is another phenomenal asana to induce pregnancy. In addition, it also builds the core, strengthens the lower back and vagina. Once pregnant, it can also help prevent gestational diabetes.


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4. Chakki Chalasana

This is an overall asana for removing unwanted internal fat from the tummy as well as the internal reproductive organs. It improves production of the reproductive hormones.

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5. Savasana

This is the best asana for improving sleep, reducing stress and totally relaxing. It’s a must do after every asana practice. Even doing this by itself is greatly beneficial for practically everything.

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Get used to this small but effective twenty-minute routine which will assist you in getting pregnant in a healthy way.