Yoga Poses For Better Digestion

What are the Different types of Yoga? - A guide to 6 types of yoga
What are the Different types of Yoga? - A guide to 6 types of yoga

It is known that Yoga aids and stimulates the digestive system.

So lets find out why!

Yoga postures compress and release the abdomen, where the digestive organs are located.  Think of it as if we are massaging the digestive system with each pose, releasing old blood, bile and lymph fluid so fresh blood and prana can flow in.

There are three important actions and parts of the digestive system: digestion(breaks down food), assimilation (absorbs nutrients, fatty acids, amino acids, simple sugars, vitamins, minerals, glucose, enzymes and water), andelimination (everything not absorbed gets eliminated).

We need nutrients in order to have beautiful, healthy bodies, internally and externally and without our digestive system functioning properly or digesting accurately, we can’t be getting what we need!  Did you know that the digestive is directly linked to our immune system?  That’s most likely why I rarely get sick! (Knock on wood).

Here are some poses you can do at home to rev up your digestive system!



Half Moon targets the liver and gall bladder on the right side and the spleen and pancreas on the left.



Poses in which the belly is pressed strongly towards the floor such as Cobra or Upward Dog, stimulates the peristalsis of the small intestine.  This stimulates the blood flow and helps food to be absorbed.

Ujayi Breath (The Yoga Breath)


Slow, deep yoga breathing moves the diaphragm and massages the digestive organs.  You can also try “Breath of Fire”, a quick pumping of the diaphragm that helps drive out old blood and lymph fluid to let in fresh nutrients and prana. The liver, gall bladder, and ascending colon are detoxified and rejuvenated here.

Just taking a few minutes to sit and breathe can do wonders for your body, mind & spirit.  It’s always fun to see what comes up when you quiet the mind.

.   .   .

*It’s very important to come out of poses slowly and gently because this is when new blood flow and prana start to flow in.  

Since the digestive system rejuvenates cells pretty quickly, practicing yoga can create a new, healthier digestive system within a couple of months.