3 Yoga Poses That Can Reduce Your Stammering

Yoga Poses That Can Reduce Your Stammering

Have you been struggling with your stammering problem? Are you embarrassed to speak because of it sometimes? If you have answered yes to these questions, you should probably try yoga.

There is a lack of coordination of neuromuscular activity insy those who stammer; this usually happens when they are stressed, anxious, or easily upset. Yoga has been known to calm people when they are stressed or anxious and hence can work well for those who stammer.


Here are some amazing yoga poses you can try to reduce your stammering.

3 Yoga Poses For Stammering

1. Lion Pose


This yoga pose is often recommended for those with stammering and voice-related problems. It is said to sync your articulation with the speed of your thought and can hence help those who stammer. It is also called Simhasana because your body resembles the roaring lion in this pose.

  • Kneel down on the floor and cross the front of your right ankle over the back of your left ankle while your feet point sideways.
  • Firmly press your knees while spreading your palms so that they look like the claws of a lion.
  • Inhale deeply through your nose, and stick your tongue out so that its tip is curled toward your chin.
  • Breathe out through your mouth; let out a “ha” sound while doing this, allowing your breath to pass over the back of your throat. Open your eyes wide, and fix your gaze between your eyebrows or the tip of your nose.
  • Repeat this 2–3 times. Then, cross your left ankle over your right ankle and repeat 2–3 times.

2. Conch Shell Pose

Conch Shell Pose Reduces Stammering


The conch shell pose, or Shankh Mudra, helps those with speech and throat ailments. It is said to restore the pitch and resonance of your voice and is hence considered helpful for those with stammering problems.

  • Begin either by sitting cross-legged or in the lotus pose – sitting cross-legged with the feet on opposing thighs.
  • Raise both hands in front of your chest while keeping your back straight.
  • Wrap all the fingers of your right hand around your left thumb.
  • Touch the middle finger of your left hand with your right thumb so that your hands form a conch shape.
  • Chant “om” while doing this. Hold the position for 45 minutes; you could also spend about 15 minutes thrice a day on this.

Another alternative of this pose is the easy conch shell pose, or Sahaj Shankh Mudra.

  • Begin by sitting in vajrasana – kneeling down with your hips on your heels and back straight.
  • Interlock the fingers of both hands while keeping the thumbs together and pressing gently.
  • Do this for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the night.

3. Lotus Pose With Gyan Mudra

Lotus Pose With Gyan Mudra Reduces Stammering

While the lotus pose (also known as Padmasana) relaxes the mind, the Gyan Mudra helps you concentrate. Both of these combined can help you overcome your stammering problems.

  • Sit on a flat surface on the ground while keeping your back straight and stretching your legs.
  • Bend your right knee slowly, and place your right leg on your left thigh with the help of your hands. Ensure that your heels are close to your stomach and your soles point upward.
  • Repeat this with the left leg.
  • Then, stretch your arms on your knees and lightly press the tips of your thumbs with the tips of your index fingers. Keep the other fingers stretched.
  • Take deep breaths while holding this position for a few minutes; then, slowly release, and ease out of the position.
  • Repeat this position with the left leg. Practice for half an hour.

Try these yoga poses, and feel a noticeable difference in your stammering.