True Goal Of Yoga And Ayurveda: Eliminate Human Suffering

True Goal Of Yoga And Ayurveda Eliminate Human Suffering
True Goal Of Yoga And Ayurveda Eliminate Human Suffering

Yoga is about union with oneself and remembering who you really are. We may only think of yoga as postures, but that is a small part of yoga. Yoga is also about devotion and self-awareness. Each time you step on your mat, consider yoga as a moving meditation with your own breath guiding you into the depth of your inner being, bringing you home a little at a time. As we devote this time to ourselves, we begin to understand our true nature or our Dosha.

Our Dosha is how we came into this world, but social conditioning and the external world can be distracting so we end up getting lost sometimes. The question “WHO AM I” is a quiet voice within that is always calling to you. Our spirit being is a place that feels natural as if everything in the world is just flowing with ease.

My Journey With Ayurveda

My inquiry started early in life for me. Through difficult times, I was shown my Purpose or Dharma. In Ayurveda, we refer to the 4 Pillars of Life, Dharma

being the first.

This is where the journey starts with understanding your Dharma. This place exists within you. It is not something you will find in the external world. By discovering my Dharma, which is Love and what that meant for me in my life, I was able to align to my natural state and live in this world with more ease, happiness, and wellness.

Let’s take a moment as I lead you through some breath work to calm the mind and body in order to tap into your soul and see what comes up for as you inquire about your Dharma.

Everybody is on their own journey, but some may have the inquiry to know the “I AM” better within.

If the inquiry is there for more happiness, joy, health and love you may consider this path of Yoga and Ayurveda as a means to guide and support you.

Ayurveda is concerned with restoring wholeness and relieving diseases in the body and mind. Yoga is the science of Self- Realization and is concerned with freedom and liberation

from the constant ups and downs of the mind.