7 Wonders Of The Amazing Uterus

The uterus: 7 Wonders Of The Amazing Uterus

Women are incredible beings whose bodies possess abilities that are almost magical. An amazing part of her body is the uterus. It is a mysterious organ that has assisted each and every individual to be born into this beautiful world. It is a link between the unknown and the universe we live in. Everyone is familiar with this extremely sensitive organ, whether you have it in your body or not. You should be aware of its qualities and should try to protect it from the harmful chemicals plaguing the world, especially when it is working its magic nurturing a little one. Since it is permeable, if you are not careful enough, harsh chemicals can end up in your newborn’s bloodstream and can harm its health. Cesarean sections and hysterectomies also pose a threat to the preservation of the uterus. Knowing about the amazing potential of this organ can help raise awareness to preserve its health. Here are some of its amazing abilities.

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1. It Is Extremely Flexible

Flexible uterus: 7 Wonders Of The Amazing Uterus


Your uterus possesses and incredible quality of flexibility. It is normally the size of your closed fist, but when you get pregnant, it stretches in an incredible manner to accommodate a tiny human being safely and snugly. No matter how big your baby grows inside the womb, your uterus can easily stretch enough to envelope it and protect it.

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2. It is Very Strong

Uterus strength:7 Wonders Of The Amazing Uterus

Your uterus is not only stretchy, but also very strong. It is a muscle that contracts powerfully during labor. These contractions are so strong that they are enough to expel a baby from inside your body. There is no method of measuring its power, but its strength is undeniable.


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3. It Is Euphoric

Orgamic: 7 Wonders Of The Amazing Uterus


During sex, you feel a stupefying sense of euphoria from deep within your womb. Allowing your body to give in to this sense of pleasure, instead of fighting it, will allow you to orgasm. Your uterus works in sync with your vagina and your pelvic muscles to assist the movement of the sperm to the egg for fertilization, providing a blissful feeling that you cannot experience elsewhere.

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4. It Has The Power To Heal

healer: 7 Wonders Of The Amazing Uterus

Every month, your uterus prepares itself to grow a new human being inside it. Its inner lining, the endometrium, has all the nutrients necessary to nourish a growing fetus. When conception does not happen, the endometrium is shed as menstrual blood, which contains an abundance of stem cells that can be used to heal a wide range of disease, such as diabetes, burn wounds, heart diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and neurodegenerative diseases. Even though precious stems cells go to waste during menstruation, it is not widely studied due to the taboo surrounding it.


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5. It Is Linked To The Universe

Universe: 7 Wonders Of The Amazing Uterus

Your menstrual cycle is intricately linked to the cycles of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Each cycle of the moon is 29.5 days long, and the closer your menstrual cycle is to this length, the more fertile you are. There are 13 moon cycles in a year and a girl’s first menstruation usually begins at age 13. Similarly, there are 52 weeks in a years and the average age for menopause is 52. A woman’s menstrual cycle also served the function of a calendar during ancient times.

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6. It Can Grow Another Organ

Placenta: 7 Wonders Of The Amazing Uterus

Your uterus is the only organ in your entire body that has the ability to form another organ. When you are pregnant, it grows the placenta within it. The placenta forms a barrier between the your body and the fetus. It allows only the necessary nutrients to enter and blocks substances that are harmful. The word placenta actually means a round flat cake, and we honor this wonderful organ each year by cutting a cake on our birthdays.

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7. It Can Grow A Human

Life in womb: 7 Wonders Of The Amazing Uterus

A woman’s womb is the most fascinating and amazing organ in the human body. It has such incredible powers that stands unmatched. It has the amazing ability to nurture another human being inside it. For 9 long months, it nourishes and prepares a little one for its journey into our incredible world. Everyone on earth has made their way into the world we know through this marvelous passage inside a mother’s womb.

In many areas of the world, women are oppressed. Instead, she should be cherished and respected. It is through her that life exists, and it is because of her care that we grow into who we are supposed to be. The uterus is a link between the spiritual and the physical world, and it grants the power of life to women. It should be preserved and cherished for its amazing abilities.