5 Things Women Stuck In A Bad Relationship Must Know

Love is blind they say, but does it have to be? A lot of women believe in falling in love head over heels for individuals who might not deserve that kind of love. But love is a two-way street. Hence, both individuals should be equally in love for a relationship to be a near perfect one. Unfortunately, a lot of women can’t or don’t want to differentiate between a good relationship from a terrible one.

It is really important for people to recognize when they are trapped in a toxic relationship, so that they can get out of it in time. In a great relationship, two people share a great partnership in which both equally invest in it. But, if only one person is exhausting oneself mentally, emotionally and physically, then it is time to call it quits. Women often get defensive about their relationships, regardless of how bad they are. But there are a few things that women must take into consideration before believing that the current relationship is the best that they can do.


1. Settle With What You Deserve And Nothing Less Than That

Settle with what you deserve

It is very common for people to outgrow their partners with whom they have spent a considerable amount of time. But lots of times, people choose to ignore their feelings because they feel they are being ungrateful. But avoiding your feeling will not help in the long run. It is better to acknowledge the truth now than later. Growth is an individualistic thing. Sometimes your partner might not be able to keep up with your growth as a human being. So, instead of regretting later, it is better that you get out before the stakes are too high to quit.


2. Don’t Think Of Staying As It Might Get Better Later

Don't stay hoping it will get better

Honestly, nobody can predict that things will get better later. If a relationship is going through a rough patch, there is a big chance that it might get better. But that happens with consistently great relationships that suddenly hit rough patches. So, you need to be really sure. If your relationship has always been a horror ride and still you are expecting it to get better, then you might just be in denial. So, it is important to know if your relationship is worth fighting for. And moreover, two people in a relationship should fight together to win against the odds. So, if you are the only one fighting, then may be you need to take a step back and take a hard look.


3. Your Partner Will Improve For The Greater Good Of The Relationship

Good partners evolve

This is a significantly important quality in a good partner. Good partners are willing to evolve for their relationships. People don’t have to change their partners as their partners will make the effort themselves. Look at yourself and see how your relationship has changed you because it was important for the survival of your relationship. But has it changed your partner too? You need to ask yourself these difficult questions before you make a big commitment.


4. Your Partner Is Not The Center Of Your Universe

Don't lose your friends

This is one big mistake that women often make. They often lose out on their friends and social lives for their partners. But it is a very bad decision. You should never make your partner the center of your universe. Your partner should be an integral part of your universe, but your partner should never be the center of gravity of your universe.


5. Avoid Making Excuses For His Terrible Behavior

You and your partner, both are mature adults with functional brains. So, it is understood that you both know how to conduct yourselves in public as well as in private. But, if your boyfriend is constantly on the verge of behaving terribly and then the last thing you should do is be his accomplice in the act. Don’t feel responsible to make excuses to yourself or the people you know for his terrible behavior. You don’t have to justify his misdemeanors.


So, before you commit in a big way in a relationship, ask yourself if your partner is really worth your time and efforts. And remember there is nothing wrong in walking away from an imminent tragedy.