Woman Drops 350 Pounds And Encourages Others to ‘Never Give Up’


Being told you have a weight problem is not always a bad thing, in fact, it may be sound advice from a well-wisher and also save you from finding out the hard way later on, through health issues or otherwise.
However, in the case of 30-year-old Jacqueline Adan, she faced an embarrassing situation that became a real wake-up call regarding her weight problem.


On a visit to Disneyland, Jacqueline was stuck in a turnstile, and although she pushed her way out, laughing at herself in front of her friends, she rushed to the nearest bathroom and cried.

But that was just the beginning.


She was also too big to fit on most of the rides, so she just watched her friends enjoy them, while she sat in the wheelchair she used, to go around the amusement park.

In that moment, she decided to change her life and diet by exercising and losing weight.


So, the next day she visited the Jenny Craig office to check her weight, which she had been avoiding for around four years. She almost passed out when the scales read: 510 pounds.

Taking the help of a consultant, she said that her goal was to be below 200 pounds or anything but the 500 pounds that she was then.


She then spent 4.5 years following the Jenny Craig diet and exercise program, and lost 350 pounds, and is now around 160 pounds.

From her experience, she lists out some realistic tips that worked for her, to help those who are trying to lose weight, no matter how big or small they are:


Keep it Real

When you have a goal in your head, a number especially, it makes it easier to think about what to work towards, but almost frightening to think about what you have to do to actually achieve it. So, she says, avoid that anxiety and just set goals in small measures, such as 4 pounds this month or let’s do 10 more push-ups etc.

Pace Yourself

Jacqueline admitted that she used to get tired within 5 minutes of walking, but she learned to push past it and increase it to 10, then 20, in her own time. So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do everything a workout tutorial suggests in one go, just pace yourself and do as much as you can, till you reach your level of endurance.


Social Support

It’s always important to remember that you’re not alone. So Jacqueline took help from her fiance, Kevin Cox to work out with her, so that she would have that extra burst of motivation even when she was just too exhausted. Another tip is to go to a gym with trainers, who will be at your side and never let you skip your workout or take excuses about avoiding the more difficult exercises. In fact, they’d help adjust or personalize the workout based on your requirements, so you can keep going.

Keep a Scale

Although avoiding the scale can keep you in denial of your weight, Jacqueline said that, out of sight is out of mind. She didn’t feel the need to do anything about her weight; because she made sure, she didn’t know what it was. She said that was mistake, as knowing what it was may have motivated her to start sooner before it got to 500 pounds.


More than a Number

Jacqueline agrees that seeing your weight remaining consistent for months after intense workout sessions can be highly demotivating. So she suggests turning that weight into muscle with a personal eating and workout regimen with some fun ideas for it.

Excess Skin

The major issue besides losing over 200 pounds of weight is getting rid of excess skin. Jacqueline advises reserving how you feel about your looks until you have gotten rid of that skin. Focus on how you feel and take measures to ease the pains that can come from carrying it around.

This is probably the expensive part of excessive weight loss, but after four surgeries, she feels great. Most insurance may not cover this surgery, so her fiance created a website for donations and crowd funding to pay for her surgeries.

Another suggestion is to try building muscle to replace the fat deposited areas that created loose skin, this way, your skin gets tighter as well.
Moral of this story is to, never give up, says Jacqueline, no matter what people say, hard work does pay.

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