How To Use Wild Lettuce As A Natural Painkiller

Advances in modern medicine have come up with drugs for almost every human ailment. Because of this, natural remedies have now been rendered almost completely obsolete. However, there are still many cures in the natural world that remain potent and are sometimes just as effective as drugs. Wild lettuce might not seem very extraordinary to you, but it is one of nature’s most powerful painkillers. It grows easily in many parts of the world- you might even have some in your own backyard. So what makes this common plant so important?

It Is A Very Effective Sedative


Drinking a strong tea made from wild lettuce can act as a natural sedative. Studies have shown that wild lettuce can treat insomnia and make it easier for a person to fall asleep. It also relaxes their nerves and relieves them from feelings of anxiety. It loosens muscles in the body, preventing them from spasming or causing cramps. It also reduces symptoms of chronic stress like fatigue, indigestion and restlessness.

It’s A Natural Painkiller



Wild lettuce is often called ‘opium lettuce’ because it’s pain relieving effects are just as strong as opium. Unlike opium however, wild lettuce is not addictive and has no negative side effects. Tea made from wild lettuce can reduce menstrual cramps and muscle aches. Because of its sedative properties, it helps you sleep the pain away and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

How To Use Wild Lettuce As A Painkiller

Despite the name, wild lettuce looks nothing like the lettuce we use in sandwiches. It’s a tall shrub that might have yellow flowers depending on the season. Wild lettuce is available in the form of capsules or powdered leaves in most natural health stores. However, if you want to grow your own lettuce and use it, it’s incredibly simple to do. Pluck leaves from the plant around July or August because this is when they reach their full maturity. Lay out the leaves to dry and then coarsely crush them. You can use about 2 teaspoons of this dried leaf mixture and steep it in hot water to make wild lettuce tea. Sip on this slowly whenever you need some natural relief from pain.

While this plant is generally safe to use, there are some exceptions. If you’re pregnant, have an enlarged prostate or are going into surgery soon, always consult a doctor before using wild lettuce. Wild lettuce is sometimes available as an ointment for topical use, but it can sting more sensitive skin types. Always do a patch test first and wait 24 hours to see how your skin reacts before using.

The Benefits Of Wild Lettuce Over Other Painkillers

While painkillers work in the short term, they usually go by the principle of diminishing returns. This means that with every dose of painkillers you take, the lower its efficacy becomes. Soon our body gets so used to the painkillers that it develops two reactions: dependence and addiction. First, the body doesn’t know how to deal with pain without the help of painkillers, so you find it very difficult to wean yourself off them. Second, your body begins to build a tolerance to the painkiller, which means the amount you first started with won’t have much of an effect anymore. You need to keep increasing your dosage, which puts you at a risk of overdosing on them.

Natural painkillers like wild lettuce however, have none of these negative side effects. The first way they differ from other painkillers is that they work to treat the underlying cause of pain, not just the symptoms. They have no addictive substances within them, so you can’t become dependent on them. They’re generally very safe to use, so even in high amounts, they rarely have negative consequences. As long as you clear it with your doctor first, wild lettuce can go a long way in helping you overcome pain.