7 Reasons Why You’re Getting A Urinary Tract Infection

Common Causes Of UTIs

Statistically, 1 in 5 women will get a UTI at least once in their lifetime. This means that every fifth woman will know the torture of that burning feeling when they pee and constantly feeling like they need to pee even when they don’t have to. In some severe cases, UTIs can also result in a high fever and night shivers. While men can get UTIs too, it’s much more common in women. Women’s urinary system is internal and shorter, making them more prone to getting an infection. Periods and UTIs? Women always seem to be drawing the short straw biologically. If you never want to suffer from a UTI again, avoid these seven triggers.

1. You Don’t Have Great After-Sex Etiquette

Always Pee After You Have Sex

Unfortunately, sex happens to be one of the most common reasons why women get UTIs. Sex draws bacteria from the deep vaginal cavity and transfers it to the urethra. While we’re certainly not advocating abstinence, you do need to take certain precautions after sex. Always try to pee within half an hour of you having sex, so you flush out all the harmful bacteria. The one thing you should avoid at all costs, is washing your privates immediately after you have sex. Contrary to popular belief, this actually increases your chances of getting a UTI since it disrupts your natural flora.

2. You Aren’t Taking Control Of Your Diabetes

When you have diabetes with unstable blood sugar levels, your chances of contracting a UTI are that much higher. If your blood sugar levels are too high, your body tries to eliminate it through your urine. If you’re constantly passing sugary urine (gross), this means that you’re creating the perfect haven for bacteria. Bad bacteria feeds on sugar so they will thrive if your diabetes in uncontrolled. Getting a hold on your sugar levels will not only benefit your entire health, but also prevent UTIs.

3. You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

If you’re not peeing enough, your body will probably punish you with a UTI. Unless your urinary tract is constantly being irrigated, bad bacteria will grow and thrive. If you’re not sure you’re drinking enough water, look at the color of your urine the next time you pee. If it’s colorless or a pale yellow, your hydration skills are pretty great. If it’s very yellow however, that’s not good news. The darker your urine is, the less water you’re drinking. So keep guzzling down water all day if you want to flush all that bad bacteria out of your system.

4. You’re A Back-To-Front Kind Of Person

Your poop is full of nasty bacteria which needs to be eliminated from your body. Exposure to fecal matter is one of the most common ways diseases spread and UTIs are no exception. If you wipe back-to-front, you’re spreading all that bad bacteria over your urethra. When you do this, you’re basically welcoming a UTI with open arms. Always, always wipe front-to-back so harmful bacteria stays far away from your urethra.

5. You’re Not Peeing When You Need To

Don't Hold Your Pee In For Too Long

Have you noticed how your pee is always cloudier when you’ve been holding it in for a while? Holding in your pee for long hours gives bad bacteria all the time it needs to grow and multiply. Unless you’re peeing regularly (because you’re drinking water regularly), your urethra cannot be cleansed of harmful bacteria. Even in situations where you feel you can’t use the restroom often like long meetings or road trips, always try to excuse yourself for a bathroom break.

6. You’re On Birth Control

Birth control works by secreting synthetic hormones into your body. This can cause a hormone imbalance, which might result in a UTI. If your UTIs are very severe and disrupt your daily life, you might need to speak to your gynecologist about other birth control options. You can also take preventative measures to lower your risk for a UTI or reduce its intensity.

7. You’re Not Changing Often Enough

Change Your Napkin Or Tampon Regularly

Have you ever left a tampon in all day without a second thought? Bad period-habits can often make you a prime candidate for a UTI. Dirty tampons and sanitary napkins cause bad bacteria to flourish and invade your urethra. Make sure you change every few hours to make sure bacteria doesn’t get a chance to multiply. Using cotton napkins or tampons also drastically reduces your chances of getting a UTI. They contain very little moisture, which does not encourage bacterial growth.