5 Reasons To Get A Baby Box For Your Newborn

The day a baby is born marks the birth of your new role as a parent. One of the most momentous events of the human life is the day the house one lives in transforms into a home, thanks to a new baby. Almost any parent naturally diverts all their attention to the wellbeing of their baby.

Although better standards of living and healthcare practices have lengthened the average lifespan, infant mortality before the age of 1 is still prevalent. The scenario was so bleak in the 1930s that Finnish health authorities introduced a novel concept of “the baby box” to help infants live longer. This tradition still exists and has garnered worldwide attention. Here are 5 reasons why you need to buy or arrange a baby box for your baby too.

1. Get Comfy Items For Baby’s Nap Time

box and mattress for the baby

Babies need at least 12—17 hours of sleep daily for their proper growth and development. If you are keen on making or purchasing a baby box, its dimensions should be 70.0 cm (27.6 inches) x 42.8 cm (16.9 inches) x 27.0 cm (10.6 inches). The box should be sturdy yet lightweight as it’s meant to double up as a crib too.


The mattress you are going to choose for your baby should be firm as soft ones can suffocate your infant and cause sudden infant death syndrome. Get a mattress cover that’s waterproof. Don’t forget to buy an undersheet, duvet cover, blanket, sleeping bag or quilt too. If you are living in the tropics you should get a small mosquito net in order to reduce the risk of chikungunya, dengue, and malaria.1

2. Buy Baby Clothes For Any Weather

onesies, mittens, and blankets for baby


Your little one will take some time to get adjusted to the world and you can do a lot to make the transition easier for him. Fill your baby box with scratch mittens to avoid him from scratching his delicate skin. Get onesies with additional poppers and envelope neck for your baby’s comfort.

Keep your wee one warm with a soft hat. A few long-sleeved sleepsuits to ensure that he gets a cozy sleep are a must. Additional leggings, socks, and clothes should be added to the box based on the weather you live in. Just remember to buy only clothes that are made of 100% soft cotton.


3. Don’t Forget Baby’s Essential Accessories

nappies, towels, and bibs for the baby

Your baby will need a lot of accessories for the sake of his hygiene. The list includes a hooded bath towel, nail scissors, hairbrush, toothbrush, bath thermometer, nappy cream, washcloth, cloth nappy set, bib and muslin squares.


4. Entertainment For Your Little One

 toys and books for infant

You can choose any toy that catches your little one’s attention as a companion during his waking hours. An attractive picture book and soothing music playing in the background can spike his attention and stimulate brain development from an early age.


5. A Little Something For The Parents

nursing pads, nipple cream and condoms

The following items don’t have to be included in your baby box but it’s great to have them at home. These include bra pads and nipple cream for nursing mothers. You can even buy books to read for your baby on guides on parenting and child feeding practices to be better informed. Many couples practice protected sex during this time and that would require condoms to be bought as well.


Arranging a DIY baby box for the latest addition to your family is a great way to stay organized during the initial months of parenthood. It’s best to start arranging well before your baby comes home.2