6 Reasons For Supplementing Your Gut With Probiotics Today

A thriving micro-fauna can increase your life span by several years. Micro-fauna present in your gut can greatly affect the quality of your life and can increase it by several folds when supplemented with some good bacteria. Modern lives come with many challenges and facing all these challenges can take a toll on our health. Stress, late nights, too much caffeine can all take a toll on our gut bacteria and our overall health.

Thankfully, we can help our gut bacteria with some additional probiotics supplements. Helping the gut bacteria to thrive can help us in improving many different arenas of the body from its ability to ward off infections to its ability to digest. There are few other reasons why we should supplement our gut with probiotics and they have been listed below.

1. Strengthens Immunity


Some bacteria are great for our guts. Researches have found out that an appropriate amount of good bacteria can keep infections and other bad bacteria at bay. There are many researches that have found out that good bacteria or probiotics can help in enhancing the immune systems of the elderly people and the elderly people were found to have experienced lesser numbers of infections after having stimulated immune systems.

2. Happiness Matters


A lot of researches have been going on to find out a definitive link between our guts and brains. Researches have shown indications towards both having a connection as they both function on the same axis. Some studies have indicated that a happy gut can alleviate the symptoms of certain mental disorders like depression.

A lot of other researches have shown that people who consumed probiotics are less likely to spend a lot of time focusing on the bad. Some studies have even found a link between a healthy gut due to probiotics and a reduced amount of social anxiety. Hence, it can be said that the studies are constantly finding links between a healthy gut and good mental health.

3. Bring Back The Balance

Find your gut balance

It is hard to find someone who hasn’t been down with an infection in their lives and taken antibiotics to get better. But the downside to consuming antibiotics is that it cleans out all your good gut bacteria as well along with the infectious agents. So, taking some artificial probiotics can help the gut to bring back its original micro-fauna balance.

4. Aids Digestion

Aids digestion

Digestion greatly depends on the micro-fauna of the gut. A meta-study has found out that consuming probiotics can help in easing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In another study, the researchers have found out that probiotics can help in weight loss in obese men and women. Also, probiotics can help in improving appetite in people.

5. Balance Out Candida


Candida can be described as an overgrowth of yeast in the gut or any other part of the body. A lot of things can cause this infection. Literature suggests that an over-consumption of sugar can cause this over-growth of yeast as it feeds on sugar. This over-growth can cause a huge imbalance in the gut-micro-fauna. Thankfully, this imbalance can be fixed easily with probiotics. Researches have suggested that probiotics have reduced the symptoms of candida in the elderly and also type-2 diabetes in people which happens due to the presence of an excessive amount of sugar in the blood and the body.

6. Glowing Skin Is A Bonus

Beautiful skin

A bonus that comes with consuming probiotics and having a balanced micro-fauna is glowing skin. Good bacteria can have a great effect on the body, both inside and out. Good bacteria can protect our skin from various skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. So, there is now one more reason to devour some probiotics.

Probiotics are healthy supplements that can help our gut in preserving our overall health. So, don’t hesitate to binge on some probiotic yogurt today.