10 Reasons Why You Should Grow Lemon Balm In Your Garden

If you’re an avid gardener at heart, you are always in search of plants that would help you utilize them as well as lend some charm to your garden. Some of you may not love gardening, but if you realize how this herb called “lemon balm” (scientifically known as Melissa officinalis) can help you, you will surely give it a second thought. This herb has amazing properties that take care of you from head to tummy. Soothing as its name sounds, lemon balm’s medicinal properties coupled with its fresh fragrance keeps your garden smelling sweet.

Go through the 10 reasons listed below in favor of lemon balm, and learn why you need this herb immediately.

1. Promotes Sleep And Relaxation

Promotes Sleep And Relaxation

If you are tired of your insomnia, or sleep restlessly at night, or wake up several times at night for no reason and have trouble falling back to sleep, lemon balm could help. A cup of lemon balm tea is all you need to make you feel relaxed after a long day’s work and help you sleep soundly enough. Lemon balm tea, if had regularly, might cure insomnia as well.

2. Has Amazing Antiviral Properties

Has Amazing Antiviral Properties

Lemon balm is known to have amazing antiviral properties. It has been historically known to even cure cold sores that happen due to the herpes virus and help people get rid of common cold and flu. Give this herb some space in your garden, and you will definitely see how it affects you positively.

3. Helps You Get Rid Of Headache

Helps You Get Rid Of Headache

Most of you might be doing desk-jobs that strain your eyes to a great extent. This not only results in headaches but sometimes migraine issues too. Rub some lemon balm extract or lemon balm essential oil, and you will see wonders happen! Your headache will not only get reduced to a great extent, but you will feel a lot more relaxed as well. If you are a migraine patient, this herb is your savior!

4. Prevents Stomach Upset

Prevents Stomach Upset

A perennial herb related to the mint family, lemon balm is helpful in the prevention and cure of digestive problems that include gastrointestinal problems like vomiting, indigestion, bloating and upset stomach. Women can be highly benefited from this herb due to its medicinal properties that help you relax your menstrual cramps as well.

5. Effective For Mental Disorders

Lemon balm has proved to be beneficial for people with depression and melancholia as well. You will also be surprised to know that this wonder herb helps people calm down during hysteric attacks and reduces hysteria considerably.

6. Improves Skin Conditions

: Lemon balm essential oil improves skin conditions.

You will be happy to know that lemon balm is not just restricted to health benefits but has beautifying elements too. The lemon balm essential oil is effective for sunburns and is also known to cure dementia. It also helps in improving the overall skin condition in a person.

7. Wards Off Insects

 Lemon balm can be used in floral arrangements to keep insects away.

Bug bites can be highly irritating and painful. If you need a quick remedy for bug bites, just crush a few leaves of lemon balm and apply in the affected area. It will reduce the irritating itch in your skin. If you have a dinner party at home, add a few leaves of lemon balm to your floral arrangement and keep insects away from crashing your party.

8. Attracts Pollinators

 Lemon balm attracts pollinators, which ensures that your garden is giving you back enough

If the plants in your garden are not pollinating enough, let a lemon balm grow somewhere in your garden. You will notice the difference within a few weeks. Its capacity to attract pollinators ensures that your garden is giving you back enough.

9. Flavors Your Food

Lemon balm acts as a perfect seasoning and give out a lemony flavor.

Who doesn’t like that lemony flavor in their food? If lemon makes your food sour, replace it with lemon balm. The food will not only retain its original taste but also give out that appetizing lemony fragrance. Next time you make a mojito or cook a delicious dish, let a few fresh leaves of lemon balm do the magic!

10. Makes Your Home Fragrant

 Lemon balm is an effective natural air freshener for your home.

Get rid of your artificial room fresheners and use lemon balm instead. Put lemon balm leaves in your bouquet or dry a few leaves for the potpourri in your bedroom. If you place a few fresh or dry leaves of lemon balm in your trash, it will help keep the odor out too. You may also use some lemon balm extract in your vinegar and use this mixture as a homemade cleaner.

Now that you know how effective lemon balm can be, you can surely think of planting one in your garden. The only warning against it is that lemon balm is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.