Why You Must Take Off Your Underwear Before Bedtime

Whether you should go to bed in a cozy set of pajamas or just toss everything aside and sleep naked has been the raging debate for a long time. And for those who like to hit the sack in their bed clothes, there’s yet another decision that has to be made.

Should you keep your underwear on?


The idea of something awful happening to us in bed and having people find us without our underwear on can be mildly disturbing. So clinging to the safety of having a covered crotch is the only way we can enjoy our slumber. However, it turns out that this can actually be a major blow to your health.

Here’s why.


You’re Not Letting Your Vagina Breathe

Materials like silk, synthetic, or elastic absorb or trap moisture and does not let your vagina breathe.

With luxury lingerie boutiques hitting the stores every now and then, we women pounce on anything that’s designed for the art of seduction and feeling amazing. We go all out dressing our vaginas up in sexy, lacy, satiny itty-bitties without actually considering the true functionality of our underwear.


Breaking a sweat while trying to juggle between household chores and work-related commitments makes us forget that our nether regions are clammy as well and that they need to be aired out.

Even though the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, it still needs fresh air in order to maintain a balanced biome. Materials like silk, synthetic, or elastic (not including the leg and waistbands), absorb or trap moisture. Wrapping your vulva in underwear made of such materials is as good as smothering your vagina and depriving it of the basic right to breathe.


You Could Contract A Yeast Or A Urinary Tract Infection

Keeping moisture and sweat trapped to close to your vagina can result in a yeast or a urinary tract infection.

The more you suffocate your privates, the larger are the chances of it being open season on your vagina. This makes your vagina the perfect playground for bacteria to thrive in and is basically an open invitation to a yeast or a urinary tract infection.


If you’re a fan of thongs, you should know that these are good butt-flosses as well. There is a greater likelihood that the material will move back and forth through the day. This could encourage the transfer of bacteria from your anus to your vagina, even after you shower.

It would be too much to expect women to walk around without their underwear all day. Gynecologists claim that we can, at the very least, drop our panties before climbing in between the sheets. That way we can allow our vagina ample air that keeps it dry and clean, which, in turn, keeps yeast and urinary tract infections at bay.


What If I’m Too Repulsed By The Idea Of Going To Bed Panty-less?

Loose-fitting cotton underwear can help absorb some of the moisture that collects around your vagina

If you aren’t comfortable going completely starkers, now would be the time to bring out those granny panties. Loose-fitting underwear, preferably those made of 100% cotton can help absorb some of the moisture that collects in and around your vagina.


Avoid silk and lace, for these materials, will keep the moisture right against you. Plus, they can also cause friction as you move around in your sleep and waking up with irritated, inflamed skin around your vagina is not the best way to start your day.

What About Men?

For men, going to bed with or without an underwear, be it a brief or boxer shorts has no significant impact on conception.

Many men have been known to change their underwear type before heading to bed because they believed it would make their chances of conceiving with their partners better. Old research has also known to suggest that wearing tight underwear to bed may cause the temperature of the testicles to rise, resulting in poor sperm health.

However, recent research declares that for men, there is no such disadvantage of going to bed with the underwear on. The type of underwear they wear to bed doesn’t play a significant role either, even if they’re trying to conceive with their significant other.

In a recent study, the scrotal, core and skin temperatures were measured in 97 consecutive men who were categorized into two categories – those who wore boxers to bed and those who wore briefs. No significant temperature differences were recorded between the groups. 1

Therefore, men are free to wear whatever they are comfortable in, be it boxers or briefs, and can rest assured that it won’t affect conception or the quality of their sperm.