Why You Get Sick When Traveling And 5 Ways To Stay Healthy

Tips To Stay Healthy When Traveling

Traveling is fun, it helps remove boredom from the routine life. Traveling lets you explore new places, it even gives you a chance to meet new people and make new friends.

Traveling can be fun but it even makes you prone to sickness. You are exposed to a new environment, you come across many people, you travel by road, sea or airplane, these things further increases your chance of falling sick.1 Many travelers do not give their body enough sleep, this can also make you sick.2

However, you need not fear sickness as simple practices will keep sickness miles away. Here are 5 ways which will help you stay healthy when traveling:

1. Get Sufficient Sleep

Get Sufficient Sleep To Stay Healthy When Traveling

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When traveling, you may cross multiple time zones and your body’s circadian rhythm cycle may change. Your body may even be under stress and that can weaken the immune system.3

When traveling you carry the luggage, walk around, cross time zones, and so forth. It becomes all the more necessary to give your body the sleep it needs. The amount of sleep needed will differ from person to person. Just go to bed when you feel exhausted and your body will wake you up when it’s ready to start the exploration again!

2. Go Slow

When Traveling Avoid Seeing Entire City In A Day

Most travelers try seeing the entire city in a day. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so avoid seeing the entire place in one day. Extend your itinerary, cover the area in smaller parts. This way you will be able to see the place properly and understand

the local culture and tradition as well.

Walk around, roam the streets and lanes but avoid overdoing anything. Go slow and take a break when your body asks for it.

3. Do Basic Exercises

Do Yoga And Stretching Exercises When Traveling

Traveling is the time when you want to relax and be lazy. But your body needs some warm-up and stretching before you start exploring the place. Well, you need not do miles on a treadmill or lift weights. Basic exercises like walking, jogging, and stretching will help you stay healthy while traveling.

You can try yoga as well, few minutes of yoga will help you fine tune the body, mind, and spirit.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Avoid Drinking Tap Water When Traveling

Human body is mostly water, 60% to be precise.4 When you travel, make it a point to drink water frequently because all the

walking and carrying the luggage can dehydrate you.

Avoid drinking the tap water as it may be contaminated and harm to your health.5 Always drink bottled water and check its seal before buying them. Carry a bottle of water wherever you go and keep giving your body the liquid it loves the most.

5. Eat Healthy

Eat Fruits And Vegetables When Traveling

When traveling your motto should be to eat healthy and travel healthy. Eat more of vegetables and fruits, they are rich in water content and will keep you hydrated.

Avoid meat as they can spoil your health, avoid the meat when traveling.6 Traveling is the time when

you want to drink and enjoy the location, but drink alcohol moderately otherwise it will disrupt your sleep. Drink less of sugary drinks and soft drinks as they are packed with calories and too much of those may harm your health.7