Why We Burp And Tips To Help Reduce Burping

Burping or belching is the act of expelling the gas in our stomachs through our mouths. This is a perfectly normal body response and is almost never a cause for concern. At the same time, burping during most social interactions is considered to be impolite. We may not always be able to control our burps when we’re in the company of people, but if you’re curious to find out why we burp in the first place and how to reduce it, read on.

1. You May Have Excess Gas Accumulation In Your Stomach

Burping Or Belching Is The Act Of Expelling Gas Through Our Mouths

We may burp when there is excess accumulation of gas in our stomach. This occurs when our friendly gut bacteria feast on undigested food components. Many people experience this as a result of their unhealthy eating patterns, lack of physical exercise, and increased stress. Sometimes eating nutritional food may also cause gas formation. For example, a sudden increase in an individual’s fiber consumption can leave them feeling gassy. Getting plenty of exercise and watching out for foods that generally make you gassy may help reduce it.

2. You May Be Eating Too Fast

Swallowing Air Has Been Noted As The Most Common Causative Factor For Belching

Swallowing air has been noted to be the most common causative factor for belching. We may eat mindlessly while working or watching a movie and as a result, we tend to gulp down a lot of air in the process. We may have busy schedules but taking time eating slowly and mindfully can help reduce belching.

3. You May Be Chewing With Your Mouth Open

We’ve been taught to always chew with our mouth closed. Apart from the aspect of polite dining etiquette, chewing with your mouth closed will reduce the intake of air along with our food. In the same manner, talking while eating is another sure way to swallow air.

4. You May Have Had A Carbonated Beverage

Drinking Carbonated Beverages Like Soda Almost Always Causes People To Burp

Drinking carbonated beverages like soda almost always causes people to burp as they release carbon dioxide in your tummy. What’s more, these burps tend to be a lot smellier and louder as they’re coming directly from the stomach. If you’re on a first date or an important work meeting, it might help to hold off on these beverages until you’re done.

5. You May Have Acid Reflux

 GERD Or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease May Cause Burping

GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease may be another causative factor for burping. It occurs when the stomach acid causes irritation to the esophageal lining. It may be coupled with symptoms including heartburn, nausea, and burping. Apart from medical treatment, it is recommended that you avoid consuming large quantities of spicy food and those that contain citrus or caffeine.

6. Other Factors That Contribute To Swallowing Air

There are several other factors that contribute to ingesting air that you can try and avoid. For example, drinking directly from a glass or cup instead of using a straw can reduce belching. Smoking is another medium for air to enter your digestive system. Other practices like chewing gum and sucking on hard candy can also cause you to burp. Surprisingly, if you use dentures that don’t fit well, that may also lead you to swallow more air.

7. You May Be Anxious Or Stressed

Anxiety And Stress May Be The Causative Factor For Your Burping

As strange as it sounds, anxiety and stress may be the causative factor for your burping. They may result in hyperventilation causing the affected individuals to breathe rapidly through their mouth. Apart from this, stress levels impacts the digestive system as well causing food to not be digested well. This eventually leads to trapped gas in your tummy waiting to get out. Dealing with anxiety and stress may not be easy but it will cause a significant improvement in your overall health.