7 Reasons Why Sex Is Vital For Wellness

Clean eating, regular exercise, and adequate sleep are touted as the stepping stones to healthy living. And, although we’d all like to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, the hustle of life has a way of making things difficult.

To make things worse, we might not particularly enjoy eating our vegetables or huffing and puffing on the treadmill. But, what if we told you that an important part of wellness is also something that’s fun? Recent research lists sex as a vital part of any wellness regime. Here are 7 things that sex does for you.


1. Increases Testosterone

Sexual intercourse boosts testosterone levels.

Sexual intercourse is believed to increase testosterone levels in men.1 Low testosterone levels are linked to muscle loss, bone loss, and increased frailty.2 Hence, having sex regularly will promote general and sexual health.3


2. Relieves Stress

Frequent sex relieves stress.

If there’s one constant that most of us have in our lives, it’s stress. And, excessive stress is known to lead to chronic conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes along with mental disorders like depression or anxiety.4


Research indicates that regular penetrative sex works exactly like meditation and exercise for most people. It relieves stress, makes you feel relaxed, and lowers blood pressure. So, don’t skip out on it.5

3. Reduces The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Regular ejaculation prevents prostate cancer.


Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects men in America. Additionally, it is the second largest cause of death in men.6

A few studies state that ejaculating 21 times a month significantly reduces the risk of prostate cancer. And, although there isn’t enough research done to back this up, it’s as good a reason to make some time for sex, as any.7


4. Boosts Immunity

Weekly sex boosts immunity.

If the viral season has hit your workplace and you’re worried about having to sit at home and sip on chicken soup, then sex should be at the top of your agendas for the week. A study in Pennsylvania found that students who had sex regularly, once or twice a week to be precise, had 30% higher levels of immunoglobulin A in their bodies.


Immunoglobulin A is an important illness-fighting substance that boosts immunity. However, this study hasn’t been backed by further research as of yet.8

5. Improves Cognition

Sex improves memory.


If you’re having a stressful week and need a lot of brain power to get through it, don’t skip out on sex to work on your presentation instead. Studies state that frequent sex improves working memory and executive function.

Researchers explain that this benefit comes from sex releasing dopamine, a chemical that transmits information in the brain, and is linked to pleasure and reward pathways. However, the exact cause of improved cognitive function isn’t too clear and needs further research.9

6. Reduces Pain

Sex relieves cluster headaches

If you tend to get leg cramps, headaches, and backaches at work, sex might be a good alternative to pain-relieving pills. Research indicates that sexual activity relieves pain, specifically cluster headaches.

This specific benefit was found particularly after an orgasm. However, the cause for this is unknown and requires further research.10

7. Improves Sense Of Wellbeing

Sex makes people feel healthy.

The saying, “it’s all in your head,” might be true after all, specifically in the case of sex. Studies indicate that not only does sex improve your health, it also makes you feel healthy and happy.

One such study that looked into 3,000 Americans aged 57–85 found that those who were having sex regularly rated their general health higher than those who weren’t. This feeling went up if the people were “in love” and had emotional support.11

Sex has always been viewed as an act of pleasure. Most of us continue to treat it as such. However, the studies that look into the health benefits of sex seem promising. So, try including it in your life to see changes.