The Reason Behind Why Your Pubic Hair Grows So Fast

Here's why your pubic hair grows back so fast

If you like to trim yourself down there regularly to keep the situation under control, you might get annoyed by how fast your pubic hair seems to reappear. Trimming your privates is a delicate, time-consuming process. It can be very discouraging if you spend over half an hour getting every last bit of hair, only to see it grow back again in a day or two. This is especially annoying, given how long the hair on your head takes to grow. Have you ever had a terrible haircut and had to wait for months before it finally grew back and looked normal again? So why does your hair take forever to grow while your pubic hair seems to sprout back overnight?

It’s An Optical Illusion

 Shorter hair appears to grow back quicker


Pubic hair seems to grow like it’s on steroids, but this could just be an optical illusion. We tend to notice hair growth more when it’s very short. Even when you shave your legs, your hair seems to grow back almost immediately. This is only because the growth is more noticeable when it’s short. The hair on your head is much longer, so you aren’t able to see the growth clearly. If you were to shave off all the hair on your head, you’d notice it sprouting up again very soon too. Your hair is constantly growing, even the hair on your head. But because it’s so gradual, you probably wouldn’t notice it unless you kept measuring it every single day.

Pubic Hair Has A Shorter Life Cycle


Pubic hair might also grow back quicker because it has a much shorter span of time to complete its entire life cycle. Every strand of hair, no matter which part of your body it’s growing on, goes through three stages. First it starts growing, then the growth stagnates and finally, it falls out. The hair on your head can take as long as 6 years to complete the entire cycle. This is why it grows longer than your pubes. Your pubic hair, on the other hand, only has 4 days to go through this cycle. This means it has to grow much quicker because it will also fall out faster. This is also the reason why your pubic hair doesn’t grow as long as the hair on your head. Since each strand of hair falls out much faster, they don’t have an opportunity to grow any longer.

Your Medication Might Affect Growth

If you’re taking medication for hair growth on your head, you might see surprising effects on other parts of your body. If you suspect your hair growth treatment might be causing your pubic hair to grow faster, then read the label. Treatments with ingredients like finasteride and minoxidil can accelerate hair growth in other parts of the body. These ingredients widen your blood vessels, improving blood circulation to the follicles. This allows more oxygen, nutrients and blood to reach the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. While these ingredients are designed for your scalp, it isn’t uncommon to see their effects in your pubic region.

Hormonal Imbalance

Your hormones can play a huge role in hair growth. High amounts of androgens can lead to increased hair growth. This is also why women who reach menopause experience more hair growth since their testosterone levels rise. Dihydrotestosterone is also a hormone which can stimulate excessive hair growth. An imbalance of certain hormones can lead to accelerated hair growth in certain areas and hair fall in others. Men suffering from male pattern baldness also might see a change in their pubic growth because of the disruption of normal hormone balance.