7 Reasons Why People In Blue Zones Live Longer

How People From The Blue Zone Live Longer

A lot has been talked and written about the longevity of people living in the blue zones. The regions that are part of blue zones include Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria in Greece, Loma Linda in the USA, Okinawa in Japan, and Nicoya in Costa Rica.

The average life expectancy of the world population born in 2015 is around 71 years whereas a lot of people in the blue zones live long enough to celebrate their 100th birthday!1 The secret to their longevity lies in their diet, regular physical activity, and strong bonding with family and friends.2


Here are 7 reasons why people in the blue zones live longer:

1. They Workout Without Fail

Workout Daily To Live A Healthy Life


The health benefits of regular workout are well-known, yet most people avoid it. A regular workout helps improve your cardiovascular fitness, metabolism, and is known to add years to your life.3 People living in the blue zone may not go to the modern gym with fancy equipments but they do give their body regular workouts. They walk daily, sometimes even miles at a stretch. Low-intensity physical activities are a part of their daily life.4

2. They Eat Lots Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Include Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet To Live Longer


While most people avoid eating fresh fruits and vegetables, the people living in the blue zones simply love them. Fresh fruits and vegetables form a major portion of their diet, after all, a diet rich in fruits and vegetable can improve your digestion, lower the blood pressure, improve eyesight as well as improve your cardiovascular health.5

3. They Don’t Avoid The Nuts

Nuts Are Good Source Of Essential Nutrients


Nuts like cashews, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts are a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids.6 People in the blue zones prefer eating nuts over deep fried unhealthy snacks and this is another reason for their long lives.7 Regular nut consumption can help lower weight, reduce inflammation, and keep the cholesterol level in check.8

4. They Are Driven By Proteins

Proteins Helps In Building Muscles


Proteins are extremely important for the body, your muscles, body tissues, skin, bone, and even your hair contains proteins.9 People in the blue zone eat lots of protein. They derive proteins mainly from nuts and legumes and only a small portion of their protein requirement is supplemented by meat. Diet rich in proteins can help restrict the calorie intake, build muscles, improve strength and the bone density. Protein rich diet can even help lower the blood pressure and improve the sleep quality.

5. They Avoid The Processed Food

Avoid Processed Food To Live Longer And Healthier


What are processed foods rich in? They are very rich in sugar, refined carbohydrates, lots of chemicals, artificial flavors, and everything unhealthy for your body. The people living in the blue zones do not want these in their body, so they simply avoid the processed foods.10 By avoiding processed foods they are able to keep their weight in check and significantly reduce the risk for illness and diseases.

6. They Nap Frequently

Frequent Nap Can Improve Your Functioning


Do you often feel sluggish in the noon? A quick power nap may help you gain back the energy and improve your performance.11 Mid-day naps are part of people in the blue zones. On an average, they nap for 30 mins, five days a week. This not only improves their efficiency at work but also cuts down the risk for cardiovascular diseases and helps them live a low-stress life.12

7. They Spend Lots Of Time With Family

Spend Time With Family To Live Longer

A strong bonding with your family and friends can reduce the risk for diseases and help you live longer.13 The blue zone people enjoy a very strong social life, the older ones are kept at home or very nearby to home which lowers the risk of diseases, hence, increasing their life expectancy rate.14