6 Reasons Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart So Easily

Modern relationships are becoming more and more fragile despite all the connectivity we have. People are falling out of love just as easily as they are falling in love nowadays. Why has love become so easy for people to give up on? What is missing in modern day relationships that’s making it so easy for people to fall apart? The ease with which people break up depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors behind the increasing numbers of broken relationships are listed below.

1. No Pain, No Gain

We have become too self-obsessed to put ourselves in discomfort for another person. That is why when things get hard, we take a hike out of a relationship. But any relationship for that matter would never only be a bed of roses. There would be some humps that we would have to overcome in order to sustain a relationship. So, we must understand that we have to love a person and the relationship for the value they hold in our hearts and not the advantages they bring in our lives. Our reasons should be pure in a relationship and only then we can make it work. And we must be prepared to make sacrifices and compromises when it is required in order to make a relationship work.

2. Look For Depth

A relationship is as good as its core values. So, the reasons why two people are together must be right, otherwise it wouldn’t work between them. If you only want a girlfriend or boyfriend so that you can go to movies or parties, then you are not looking for love, rather but just companionship. Our friends are there for that. Not that our partners shouldn’t be our companions but they should be much more than that. The person you are in a relationship with, should understand the depth of your silence and your darkness because only then they will be there with you through it all.

3. Relationships Are Not About Instant Gratification

If a person wants instant gratification, then he or she can get that by having a chat with a random stranger on a social media site. But relationships require hard work and understanding. Good relationships are gratifying to our soul but they won’t make you feel gratified instantly after two days into a new relationship. It takes years to build a strong and gratifying base for a relationship. You must work hard in the beginning to reap benefits later. A good relationship is based on friendship, mutual understanding and genuine love that can take years to develop.

4. Invest In One To Gain Big

Options are galore in today’s world. Earlier people had to work hard to impress the people they liked, but nowadays a swipe right can get us a date. Things that come easily, go away just as easily. If you want to make something stick, then invest in one. We start new relationships at the slightest attraction and get out just as quickly the moment we find someone better. People don’t want to invest in one person and bring out their best anymore. We just want to grab the best thing that’s out there. This selfish attitude is what never lets people fall genuinely in love. We must give if we want to receive.

5. Virtual Presence Can Never Replace Genuine Connection

People can be connected via a thousands apps but still can be completely disconnected emotionally. Also, virtual connection cannot replace the value of real conversations between two people. People need to understand the value of spending quality time with their partners without their smart phones to connect at a deeper level.

6. Sex Is Not Love

We are increasingly becoming more and more sexually liberated as a society. And a lot of us have started assuming that love would come our way as easily as sex. Sex is a natural need of our bodies, but love is an intellectual realization that comes from feeling connected and having understood a person over many years. So, love comes to us when we can commit to it.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love requires hard work, commitment and understanding.