Reasons Why All Millennials Would Benefit From Practicing Yoga

Generation Y leads an amazing life in their own way. Tech-savvy millennials have everything they want to lead a supposedly happy life. An app to make their commute easy, another one to update them about the weather, and many others to make their life easier. They stay connected to friends and relatives through these advanced apps. But still, there is a detachment somewhere. Even when they have everything, a highly spirited life is missing. In this extremely connected world, they are disconnected from their own lives. How can they fill the gap? How can they spare a few moments for themselves? Here comes the role of yoga. Being a millennial, if you believe that you don’t need to do yoga, read this. This will convince you that you are in desperate need of it.

1. You Are Always Under Stress

At school, at the office and at home, you are under immense stress. Every day is driven by the threat of meeting deadlines. You are in a race to excel in whatever you do. To make it worse, social media imposes the idea of perfection on you. It makes you chase unattainable perfection. When you look at a celebrity, you are mesmerized by the glamour attached to them. You dream of a perfect look, luxurious dresses, and the beautiful makeup. Well, yoga can keep you grounded. Yoga will groom your mind to accept the imperfections in you and love your body.

2. Technology Rules Your Life

Can you pull off living without technology? Is it possible to finish a family dinner without browsing your smartphone? Is checking Facebook or Instagram a bedtime ritual for you? That’s it. Do you need any other reason to embrace yoga? Unplugging from the tech gadgets completely may not be practical for you. But cut down the time you spend with them. If you take an hour off from your day for yoga, you can effectively remove them from your life for some time. It makes you realize that the world will go on even if you have not received the latest updates from Facebook or Instagram.

 3. You Lack Focus

Do you have a wandering mind? One which does not allow you to concentrate on any task? Your mind often brims with many things that sometimes you don’t know where to go and how to start. You should learn to control your mind so that you can keep your focus on one thing. Being present in the moment is something you should practice. Yoga will help you with that. It will instill discipline in you. The newfound confidence will be reflected in every other area of your life.

4. You Are Not Concerned About Health

How terribly you treat your body! With a desk job, you spend more time sitting. Back home, you eat, read, and watch TV sitting on your couch. This sedentary lifestyle contributes to various chronic diseases. Additionally, continuous sitting will wreak havoc on your posture. Yoga can give a dynamic boost to your lazy life. It enhances your health and improves your posture. You breathe better, burn extra calories, develop healthy habits, and control your weight doing yoga.

5. You Lost Your Inner Calm

When the smart technology keeps you in touch with others, you tend to compare yourself with others. You forget that social media reflects just the happy faces and moments. As you try to cope with the struggles, your mind reminds you of others having a stunning time. And then, depressed thoughts creep in. Well, yoga can boost your well-being and positive mental health. Imagine an hour of calmness where you could listen to your inner voice. It improves your resilience, patience, mood, and self-regulation skills.

6. You Are Sleep Deprived

Stress deprives you of sleep. Most nights you end up spending time on your favorite social media network. Yes, we know that scrolling through Instagram in bed is a feel-good factor for you. But, do you realize how bad it is for your sleep? Yoga is the perfect antidote for this. Yoga will help you ease into a restful night.